Because I Said So: How To Survive a Sunburn
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How To Survive a Sunburn

Isn't the beach so gorgeous?! In recent experience, it's gorgeous until it's not--until it burns you that is. I've heard wear sunscreen probably a million times, but sometimes you just forget or miss spots (a combo this memorial day weekend).

So here's how to prevent it:

Wear a hat AND sunglasses. The bigger the hat, the closer to God the less chance of burning your face. This is one I did well--my face didn't burn!

Sunscreen with a higher SPF than 5 and REAPPLY, REAPPLY, REAPPLY!

Don't make it a marathon session. For me, that means not going out from 10AM-2PM (or at least staying out there that entire time)

I missed the whole wear lots of sunscreen and reapply deal and therefore am burned to a crisp and really splotchy. Not fun.

Here's how to cope if you do in fact get burned:

ALOE. I like to store mine in the refrigerator so it's nice and cold when I put it on.

Wear "soft clothes"--I'm burned where my bathing suit stopped---meaning every time I move, my sunburn gets irritated. In order to combat this, I've resorted to wearing cami type bras, big t-shirts and Nike shorts.

Lavender. This oil comes up A LOT, but I hear it's great for burns. I pinned a few recipes to make an "after the beach spray" and will be getting on this, as soon as I get back. (so mad I forgot it)

Avoid the sun, but if you must go out (hey, it's the beach) COVER UP with sunscreen and clothes!

Happy Beachin'


  1. Um.. wish I would have known this a week ago! I'm just now getting over a bad shoulder burn!

  2. Great tips! Sunburns are the worst. Even when I am strict with SPF it can happen

  3. I just pinned a bunch of recipes for lavender and also apple cider vinegar. And I need a new big hat. I always wear at least 25 on my face with a hat covering me..and 30-50 SPF everywhere else. ~Aimee from

  4. Awesome tips! I burn very easily so I always need to be very careful when I'm out in the sun.


  5. Not going out between 10 and 2 is great advice! You are so right Lavender comes up a lot! I would strongly recommend lavender essential oil for any type of burn or skin irritation :) I always love visiting your blog, it is so pretty!

  6. Aloe is the best thing ever!! I always get burnt on my shoulders and underneath my eyes.

  7. We send a lot of time on the coast of MS. I hate when you get sunburned on a cloudy day.

  8. I just got back from vacation and definitely for a sunburn while I was there, now I am peeling and it's the worst!!


  9. Thanks for sharing and joining the Link-It To Me Link Up Party this week, looking forward to seeing you again next week!