Because I Said So: May Goals + Spending Freeze Recap
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Goals + Spending Freeze Recap

I, along with everyone else in the world, am amazed that's it's already May! Where does the time go? This part of the year is always one of my favorite times. Down here in the South, May is basically the start of summer which means more sun and boat/beach filled weekends!

May Goals

1. Lose weight/Get toned/Be healthy (as with every month--but it's crunch time now) Me and Josh (Josh and I?) have started a new bet--since I lost the last one. I lose seven pounds (the other half of what I failed to lose last time) and he takes me bowling and to a movie. He gains seven pounds and I'll be taking him out...again. 

2. Stick to a budget. I don't think I'll be doing another spending freeze for a while see below, but knowing where my money is going is a start and better than nothing.

3. Continue to grow Because I Said So. I have lofty goals for this little blog and with the third anniversary of me starting this blog a mere two weeks away, I'd like to see what I'm capable of this year!

A few more goals: drink more water, surround myself with only positive things, buy more fresh flowers, take Laney on more walks, and learn more about Essential Oils.

Spending Freeze Recap

This past month, I begrudgingly entered myself into a spending freeze. It was one of the more difficult things I've done in my life--mostly because I lack the self control, but I needed to save money. Overall, I'd give myself a C+ average. There are a few things I've learned while trying to cut back, most of them obvious.

- Coffee from the office will taste very similar to Starbucks if you put tons of sugar and creamer and pretend its a green and white cup.

- Gas is expensive and runs out way too fast.

- Watching the Food Network is not the way to help save on groceries. Also, meal prepping is hard. 

- Do not "go shopping" with your sisters--you will end up buying something. Read: everything

- Somethings just can't wait (looking at you Lilly for Target + Lilly Spring Collection + Essential Oils)

- Most things can wait and will still be there when you are done with not spending money. 

- It's really hard to say no to "Want to order a pizza" or "Let's rent a movie tonight" (so I didn't)

Like I said, overall I did ok (C+ average), but I definitely had my moment(s) of weakness. Deliberately NOT spending money is not for the faint of heart. It takes a discipline--something I could've used more of. 

Have you ever done a spending freeze? Do you set goals for yourself each month?


  1. I've seen quite a few ladies in blog land on a spending freeze, so c+ definitely isn't terrible! In totally with you on the pizza thing too. How could you ever say no to pizza!! Lol. Good luck with the weight loss!!

  2. I've seen quite a few ladies in blog land on a spending freeze, so c+ definitely isn't terrible! In totally with you on the pizza thing too. How could you ever say no to pizza!! Lol. Good luck with the weight loss!!

  3. A spending freeze is definitely something I might have to do this month! My online shopping habit is simply getting out of hand! Thanks for the idea.

    Carly June

    1. Exactly why I did mine last month! All the pretty things!!

  4. It's hard to reign it all in and go on a spending'll get the hang of it though!

    1. Saving money is seriously the hardest thing!

  5. I've been debating a spending freeze, but I feel like I'll end up in the exact same mindset - it'll still be there when the freeze is done! Maybe the only time that's truly beneficial is when you need to not spend for a certain reason and period of time to hit a super specific goal (like you HAVE to not miss a payment for something, etc). Otherwise, my wish list will just grow and grow and motivate me to spend when the freeze lifts!

    1. The wish list is something that can get out of hand lol I think setting goals help for sure!

  6. I did so so with my home spending freeze as well. I mean I didn't buy anything big, but my mom always said when there's a good deal, just do it, You may not get it again. But otherwise I did sorta good. It wasn't too bad :)

  7. I SERIOUSLY need to do this. I am so irresponsible with my money and I really need to start taking steps towards improving it. It's scary to think about having to one day completely financially supporting myself. I better learn now while it isn't so scary!!

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design

    1. A no spend month is so hard. Don't take it lightly. In the end, it really does help you realize impulse vs. needs