Because I Said So: Doggy on a Diet
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Doggy on a Diet

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  We (Laney and I) received Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted Shredded Beef Stew  to review as part of's blogger review program.  Since Laney has yet to learn how to write, I am reviewing on her behalf. As always, all opinions and pictures are my own! (oh and Laney's) See Laney's other post here and here!

It's been really hard trying to feed to Laney healthy, all natural food. She'll literally eat anything--even the bad stuff (puffy cheetos, cat food, horse poop). After her vet appointment last month, we learned that she lost THREE POUNDS over the course of the year, but still has weight to lose. 

We currently feed her an all natural dry dog food that has no soy, corn, or wheat. I think THIS diet change contributed to her losing weight (regardless of the occasional puffy cheeto). Recently, though, we changed the flavor and I'm not quite sure she likes it--it smells like turtle food. 

Enter Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted Shredded Beef Stew Canned Dog Food from It has no corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or colors. 

This canned food aligns with the current diet she is used to, but in a more decadent form. Hello, it has gravy--any dog's weakness. Before I even poured the food into her bowl, she could barely contain her excitement.

I was excited to see that there were whole vegetables in the food: complete with carrots, peas, and potatoes--real beef stew! 

Needless to say, she loves this stuff. The bowl was licked clean in a minute flat.  It's almost like it's a treat that she doesn't realize is her healthy dinner. 

I'll definitely be mixing this with her dry food--making the dry food and canned food stretch a little longer and so she'll like the "turtle food smelling" dry food better.

P.S. is less expensive than the average pet store (PetSmart) and offers most of the same brands you can find in stores. You can set your order up for autoship, saving 20% in the process AND always offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $49.00! What's not to love?

Do you feed your fur child "healthy" food? 


  1. I usually do Purina for my dog. I should definitely look into this. Were trying to switch up midges diet.

  2. My cat is already on a special diet. But you wouldn't know. She is always begging for more food! I can only get prescription, but I'm actually impressed by how less expensive it is than I imagined! It's funny though cause you can't really tell your dog needed to lose anything judging by the pictures. :)