Because I Said So: In vs. Out Volume 7
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Friday, May 15, 2015

In vs. Out Volume 7

Thank y'all for all of the kind words and encouragement yesterday--it's things like that, that make blogging worth it!

Black-light Hip Hop--I promise it's as fun as it sounds. Think club minus the alcohol and add the fact that your working out but it doesn't feel like it #twerk

Fridays--hello this will never NOT be in!

Nights spent with the boyfriend--last Sunday Josh played in a football league game and last night he played basketball--talk about bringing me back to the high school/college days! Less sleep is totally worth the quality time :)

 The "off-the-shoulder" trend. Seriously need to get me a shirt or dress or both!

Pitch Perfect 2 comes out this weekend and we have tickets to see the show! Brb brushing up on my a cappella skills...

Also in: new jewelry, nice sales girls at boutiques, following other bloggers on Snapchat (aellzey), and being busy.


Weekdays (aka Monday-Thursday). Boo!

My baby sister graduating 8th grade. NOPE. Not allowed.

Getting my braces tightened and not being able to eat anything--at least its a jumpstart to the diet I'm supposed to be on?

Also out: being so sore from working out that you can't move the next day, phone chargers dying, and being lazy.

What you missed this week on Because I Said So:

This GORGEOUS tulle skirt!

My nighttime routine.

I celebrated TWO years of blogging yesterday!

Happy FRI-YAY and happy weekending!


  1. Yes, braces being tightened hurts SO bad! I usually stick to a soft food regimen for the first few days & make sure I take advil or some sort of pain relief before I go if I think it's going to be a bad appointment painwise.

  2. That Black light uo workout place sounds like fun! Wish I could find one in my area. Good luck on your braces, lets hope it is not painful.

    Be blessed,

    Gema from

  3. That black light hip hop class sounds amazing! I wonder if I can find one in my area. Good luck with your braces that never is fun.

  4. This post is adorable! I'm super psyched for Pitch Perfect 2. (Not psyched EVER for weekdays lol!)

  5. The black light hip hop thing sounds super fun! I want to look it up and see if there are any in Dallas! How neat!

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design

    1. I have to take classes that don't make me feel like I'm actually working out--if I'm able to trick myself, I don't hate it!

  6. I love the idea of black light hip hop! There are so many cool group for eases classes nowadays.

  7. I agree.. off the shoulder tops are the bomb. & I can not wait to see Pitch Perfect 2