Because I Said So: What's On My iPhone
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What's On My iPhone

The title of this post should really be: "what's NOT on my iPhone." I have so many apps and so many pictures that I'm constantly getting the YOU DON'T HAVE ANYMORE STORAGE message. But that's not stopping me from constantly looking for all things NEW! Be sure to leave a comment at the end because I'm always looking for new apps to download!

Here are my top 5 apps, currently (plus a bonus):

Bloglovin: I love having all of the blogs to read in the palm of my hand. I rarely read blogs on a computer these days. 

VSCO cam: Instagram now has editing skills that are almost the same, but I use a combo of both when I post pictures. 

All social apps: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Facebook. No explanation needed.

Dropbox: I mostly use this for work--it's handy when I need to post to social media using high quality pictures without using up all of my phone memory and don't have my work computer around.

Netflix: Surprisingly works very well and is great in a pinch (say, when your waiting at the orthodontist and don't want to talk to the 12 year olds also waiting)


BONUS! Where's Waldo--Does anyone remember these books?! I used to check them out from the library when I was little ALL THE TIME! This find is GOLD, y'all. It's literally the only game I have on my phone, as of now, but everyone needs a little bit of a break every once in awhile! 

P.S. You should totally download Whitney's newest iPhone Wallpaper
P.P.S Surprise (not really), my battery is ALWAYS low!

What's on your phone? I'd love new suggestions!


  1. Where's Waldo app?!?! I'll definitely be downloading that.

  2. I have the social media apps, vsco cam, buffer, weheartit, tumblr, and studio app. Love them all.

  3. Getting where's Waldo right now! Great post :)

    1. Thanks! When I saw there was an app for Waldo--I had to get it!

  4. There is a Where's Waldo app!?!? I need that stat! Have you ever played real life Where's Waldo?? So much fun!

    1. Wait. Real life Where's Waldo? WHAT IS THIS???

    2. It is the greatest thing ever. You get someone to dress up like Waldo. Go to a really public place, they hide and then you split into groups and go find them! So much fun!

  5. I have a love hate relationship with the Tumblr app. It's so nice...when it actually loads things. But hold the phone, there's a Where's Waldo app?? How did I not know this? I'm going to go and download this immediately.

  6. I am definitely downloading 'Where's Waldo?' I absolutely love VSCO! It is such a great editing app!
    Mikayla |