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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Because Laney Said So || Orijen Freeze Dried Treats

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  We (Laney and I) received the treats and toy to review as part of's blogger review program.  Since Laney has yet to learn how to write, I am reviewing on her behalf. As always,all opinions and pictures are my own! (oh and Laney's)

I'm on a diet so Laney's on a diet. Not really. But when Josh and I found out the food we had her on had been recalled due to DEATHS, we decided to think a little bit more about what we were feeding our little Bugga.

Enter, Not only do they have a large selection of treats, food, and toys (for great prices), most of the treat and food options have certain diets in mind. No grain, no soy, minimally processed, etc. Which is perfect for Laney--she can stand to lose a few per the vet last year. 

The treats we received were Orijen Freeze Dried Lamb. I'm not sure Laney's ever had anything "lamb" before, but she will eat most anything. Needless to say, she was super excited before she even knew what she was getting. If I say "TREAT" she instantly goes into a tizzy and can't contain her excitement. Being her photographer was NOT an easy task.

The treats have a weird smell to them in my opinion, but it's a dog treat and I'm not the one eating them. Besides, Laney LOVED them. I was happy that the size of the treats were small enough to be considered a treat and not an all day meal.

 We don't make it a habit to dole out treats too frequently--she's spoiled enough already (ok Josh doesn't--I tend to be heavy handed on the treat giving), but the size is perfect for training. Without a doubt, these treats get the approval stamp from this dog mom!

We also got this little guy in the mail with the treats. If there's anything Laney loves more than a good treat, it's a stuffed animal toy with a squeaker. The poor little guy never stood a chance. I am happy to report (as of Sunday evening), however, that the squeaker IS still inside regardless of how many limbs are missing. It should last her a few more days.

If you're in the market for new treats or toys for your fur-child, order from just because I said so, but because Laney says so too!


  1. I got these for my dog, too! Can't wait to try them out. Looks like Laney approves!

  2. omg what name brand was she on before? I just want to make sure my dog isn't eating the wrong food.

  3. Laney is so cute! I feel like ALL dog treats smell weird...I always look at my dog and am like "really? are you sure you like this?" but I guess if they like it, it's good enough for me! haha

    1. They really do! Laney will really eat anything so I'm not surprised she liked these :)

  4. Laney is so adorable!!! Recently my dog has to switch his food but the other 5 are still on it.. He has a thyroid problem and their food has too much fat for him. Glad Laney likes her new treats and food!

  5. What a cutie! Also what was the food that you were feeding her before. I need to make sure I stay away from that.

  6. Lanie is so adorable! Peanut loves treats like these! I will definitely will have to treat her with a pack soon.
    Mikayla |