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Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Day in the Life

This was going to be a "one photo an hour" post, but I really have no patience to pull that off (and it would all be grainy iPhone pictures of me sitting at my desk).

So instead, I bring you--a day in the life of...ME!

Hi! I'm Allison. I'm 23 years old and I'm a sales associate/event coordinator
for a catering and events company!

6AM - 7:45AM -- My day usually begins around 6AM when my alarm first goes off (having every good intention of getting up early to go to the gym). I hit snooze about a dozen times and then when I finally drag myself out of bed (around 7:45M), I get ready for the day. I almost always have my clothes laid out the day before, so after I get dressed it's off to get coffee.

8AM-8:45AM -- In the drive thru line waiting on coffee and likely doing my makeup. I'd love to say that I have this really great routine, but more than half of the time, I'm doing my makeup in the car.

9AM -- I've clocked in and I'm at my desk. The first thing I do is check old messages, email, make lists, and turn on a Spotify playlist. I don't think I could make it through the day without coffee and/or music. And the countdown to 5PM begins.

12PM - 1PM -- I've made it through the morning and it's lunch time. When I'm not on a diet, I'm eating something yummy that the kitchen has cooked up for the day. Or if I'm lucky, it's a day we have a tasting and I get to eat like a queen. I do work for a catering company after all!

2PM-5PM -- More of answering the phone, posting to social media/helping create ads (my favorite), and qualifying leads. I usually book or help answer questions about an event during the day and if I make any appointments, I try to schedule them in the afternoon--The last part of the day seems to pass the fastest.  

Are you hungry yet? THIS is why I'm ALWAYS on a diet!

After 5PM -- PARTY! Just kidding. But really. After I get off work, I'll try to talk myself into working out, cleaning the house, and all other adult like responsibilities. In reality, I'll most likely come home and watch Netflix and blog. 
Dinner is either NOTHING (because I ate too much during the day) or something easy: drive through or frozen dinner. When I'm done binge watching my favorite shows (currently catching up on Once Upon a Time) I'll take a bubble bath and go to bed around 10PM. What an exciting life I lead.  I really can't stay up late anymore--if I don't get at least 8-10 hours of sleep I will be a zombie at work the next day. 

While my days are mostly routine, my favorite days are when I can get out of the office to go to a bridal show, participate in a tasting, or lunch meeting, or run errands.  

What's your day like?


  1. Your job sounds so much fun, at least the days you get to go to bridal shows!

  2. OMG stop with the cheeses. They look so tasty. And legit my boyfriend and I went to bed at like 9:45 last night.

  3. Can I have your job??? Lol Seriously! The food looks delicious. I can never do my makeup in the car, not that good. I definitely have a routine especially with having kids.

  4. Can you take me with you to your next bridal expo?? Real talk though. And I don't blame you - I need so much sleep too, or else I just can't function. Coffee and all! It's because we're just such energetic, sassy and fun individuals that we need sleep to fuel our inner flames. (;

    1. LOL precisely (the perfect explanation)!

  5. I'm an Event Coordinator also, but I have a feeling my job is much different than yours. I mean after all I don't get to go to delicious tastings like you do!

  6. Allison!! I loved this post! I think I may steal your idea and do this too... Such a fun post and loved getting to learn more about you!
    XO Katie |

    1. Thank you! Go right ahead..these tend to be my favorite type of posts to write and read!

  7. This is such a fun post! I am always doing my makeup in the car as well! I envy those with the perfect routine.

  8. Hi! I am a new follower from the Meet and Greet Blog Hop! This is a really neat idea for a post. My day is centered around children, coloring, and singing ABC's about 100 times as I am a preschool teacher haha. I hope you are having a great week!

  9. This is so fun!! I love getting peak into your life and getting to see what fun you have!
    The Adored Life