Because I Said So: Sassy Pants
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sassy Pants

Further proof that I'm addicted to my phone.

Bonus points if you can find Laney in this picture!

Rewind this week, to Tuesday night--I had prepped all day for a pretty big sales meeting on Wednesday and was nervous beyond nervous. And everyone knows, the cure to most anything is retail therapy. I needed to make sure I looked the part. 

Loft is my new favorite place. Sometimes, the petite section leaves a lot to be desired, but this particular day, I hit the jackpot. I got a whole outfit and even got Loft cash to spend later! (P.S. Everything is 40% off online right now)

The meeting went off without a hitch AND I got a raise!!  I credit this all to my sassy, red pants and new found confidence.


  1. This is so cute, Allison! I adore this outfit. Your sassy pants are too cute!

  2. Aaaaah I want these red pants! Adorbs, AND a power color! Love it :)

  3. These sassy pants are just too fabulous. Red all the way!