Because I Said So: Ghosts of Christmas Classics Past
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Ghosts of Christmas Classics Past

You wouldn't know it was Christmas time if you walked outside right now. It's pushing 80 degrees one day and closer to 60 degrees another--and this is depressing.
Seriously, dreaming of a white Christmas. Dreaming and wishing and praying for a miracle. At least some CONSISTENT 40 degree weather!

So if it's not the cold weather that marks the season, what does? Here are a few Christmas "classics" that bring back the best memories from many Christmas' past.

1. Manheim Steamroller. The first blast of the electric chords and my spirits soar. There are no words to the songs so you are forced to make your own instrumental sounds. Kind of like Trans Siberian, but less electric guitar.

2. Along those lines, Christmas music in general, but two songs in particular. My dad sings in a community choir and when they would sing "Pat-A-Pan" and "Fum" at their annual Christmas concert, (I don't really know the name of the song..but it goes "on December five and twenty fum fum fum) that's when you knew the Christmas season had arrived. Side note: They aren't having a Christmas Concert at all this year and I'm so mad. Who do I need to talk to about this??

3. Red Door. My mom hasn't worn this perfume in YEARS. However, recently when in Macy's, I came across Elizabeth Arden's Red Door perfume and was instantly transported to the days when she wore shoulder pads, Santa left us presents (oh wait he still does), and nothing was wrong in the world.

4. The Smell of Christmas Trees. My favorite favorite Holiday/Christmas smell from Bath and Body Works in Fresh Balsam. No, this isn't sponsored, I just love it THAT much. It legit smells like Christmas trees. And since last year I broke out in a rash when I touched my REAL tree, it looks like the fake tree route is the one I'm taking AND my apartment will still smell like a Christmas tree!

Some of these Christmas classics are long outdated and some I try to continue every year. What do you do to get in the spirit of Christmas?


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