Because I Said So: Wait, I have to cook?!
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Wait, I have to cook?!

Every year, a good bit of my time is spent trying to figure out what Joshua and I are doing for Christmas. Mostly, which family we are going to see on what day. My mom assures me that it doesn't get any easier after you're married. We usually spend most of this already time consuming conversation trying to remember what we did last year and what would be fair this year.
Today, I received a text from the Ryan family about coming to their Christmas lunch. It is requested that everyone bring a dish to the lunch. I kinda sorta disregarded the food part because, I burned soup last week. I don't know how, but it happened.

I imagine the following conversation transpired (after I still haven't replied to the text) between Joshua and his mother:

His Mom: Josh, why doesn't Allison bring something to our Christmas lunch?
Josh: Mom she can't cook believe me. She sucks.
His Mom: Oh, I'm sure it's not that bad. She can make macaroni and cheese, right?
Josh: Well, mom, she has burned Easy Mac in the past. So..
His Mom: Ok...Well she should still bring something. Everyone else is. (And y'all have been dating for 6 years, she had to participate!)
Josh: Fine. I'll see what I can do, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Anyways, so I wasn't planning on bringing any food nor was I completely sure I was going (his family is ahead on the planning for Christmas Day and mine is behind)

I guess they still have a tiny shred of faith in me (for whatever reason) and now the pressure is on AND I have to impress the future in-laws with my fake ability to cook. Yikes.
The problem lies in actually finding something to cook that is "of my skill level". I've been perusing Pinterest and have a few ideas: (I didn't take any of the below pictures. They are all inspiration from my Pinterest!)

1. Maybe some sort of pie/dessert? (Not really all that Christmas-y, but it looks yummy!)


2. Hors D'oeuvres (Can I actually make them look as good as they do on Pinterest? I have a feeling mine will end up as Pinterest fails, but hey that's why I'm practicing!)

Like how good does that look??

Leaning towards these! Traditional, yet untraditional!

3. Or just show up with some kind of alcoholic concoction so everyone forgets that I didn't actually cook anything. (I'm strongly leaning towards this one if I don't go with the mac)

I have a little over a week to figure out what I'm bringing and will probably do a few trial runs at my apartment. (Follow me on Instagram for those updates). I'll also be planning my family's Christmas Eve Cocktail Party in the meantime.

This Christmas season just got a whole lot more stressful! Have any pointers on what to cook? Comment below--because I said so!



  1. My moms Christmas jello!! I will ask her for the recipe it is so good and three layers

  2. What about a salad or dip that you just mix up? With everyone bringing something I'm sure something a little lighter would be appreciated. Plus his parents will think "wow look how heathy Allison is, she'll make a great mom to our grandchildren one day"