Because I Said So: What To Do: When work makes you FAT
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What To Do: When work makes you FAT

I know that "fat" is a touchy subject and that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I, however, am feeling the FAT effects not just physically. By having a horrible diet and not exercising, I've been depressed and unhappy and gaining weight. So I've decided to do what's right for my body and emotional health.

It's no secret that once you start working (or really anything new--they don't call it the Freshman 15 for nothing), your schedule is completely thrown out of whack. It can be hard to juggle work, working out, eating right, and not feeling completely exhausted (or hungry) at the end of the day. After a year, I'm STILL working on it!

I work for a catering and events company. At all times during the day, I am surrounded by food. There are tastings, the fact that my desk is literally right next to the kitchen, and menus of mouth watering food to be typed up and customized. It's so so so hard to not eat everything the kitchen says is up for grabs or taste every cake at the bridal show. So hard, that I don't actually EVER say no. Throw in the booze and goodbye skinny minny, hello cellulite.

It's amazing that I don't weigh 3,000 pounds. I have, however, put on a meaningful, unwanted 5-6 pounds since I graduated college. It's not cute. Maybe it's because I'm getting older (boo), but the weight is settling in all of the most horrible places.

The following tips are not relatively new ideas, but sometimes we (read I) need a refresher course on how to stay healthy.

1. Make a plan. I LOVE my Erin Condren planner. I use it to plan my workouts and meals. I'm addicted to stickers and colorful pens, so that helps!

2. Have someone hold you accountable. I'm lucky to have Joshua keep me on track and "be the mean guy" when I want a brownie 2 hours into my diet lifestyle change? It's helpful to have someone support your goals and encourage you to reach them.

3. Don't drink your calories. i.e. Drink water not soda. This is so hard for me. I LOVE juice. I could drink CranApple juice for every meal and snack and every minute in between. Water is so boring and when you have to FORCE yourself to gulp it down--it makes it even worse. So, jazz it up by adding fresh fruit or mint leaves. My favorite water add on is Lemon. It's so refreshing!

4. Mix it up. When it comes to meal planning AND exercise. I get so extremely bored when I do the SAME thing over and over and eat the same thing over and over (unless it was cake).

5. Exercise! My workout routine looks something like this: Jillian Michael's DVD one day, run the next day, take Laney for a nice long walk, REPEAT. After a week or two, I'll add something new like swim or go to the gym and take a class.

6. Stick with it. Progress doesn't happen over night. I'm the worst at this--I have no patience. If I haven't lost 5 pounds in the first 2 hours, I'm NEVER going to lose it and think I should just quit. So dramatic, I know. But it took more than a day or even a week to put on the weight, so it's going to take awhile for it to come off. Keep at it!

7. Eat your fruits and veggies. Or, if you are picky like me, take a multivitamin at the very least. You have to make a deliberate effort to get the fruits and veggies in. Most likely you aren't going to want to chow down on some cauliflower when you get home from a stressful day at work (if you do, can I be you?). Meal planning along will help you get those fruits and veggies in and again, stick with it!

8. Track it! There are so many apps that you can use to track your goals and success! MyFitnessPal is great for tracking calories and showing you the breakdown of carbs vs. protein vs. fat you've had in a day. RunKeeper can help keep you motivated when you run and even map where you've been!

Don't let your work schedule dictate the rest of your life. Some things you can't control, but control the things that you can. You can do it--because I said so!

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  1. Oh girl, I totally get this! I gained 15 lbs working at starbucks because my breaks and coffee were nothing but their super high calorie "foods". I didn't expect that at all. Eventually I started going for healthier versions of everything and bringing my own lunch. This also helped me to not feel awful after having a cookie and a frappuchino for lunch. ;D


    Alyssa Nicole @