Because I Said So: My Life in Numbers
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Life in Numbers

I did somewhat of a countdown post before, but this one is dedicated to all things counting down. First, Happy July! Only the best month ever because it's my birthday month!
  • My 23rd birthday is now only 11 days away! I usually have everything figured out--like what I want, how I want to celebrate. This year, not so much. Like I REALLY DON'T HAVE A DETAILED LIST LIKE USUAL! All I know is that I want to get brunch. Seems like (in my old(er) age I'm getting easier to please--Joshua  and the family would probably beg to differ. 
  • My 1 year Work-iverssary (is that a thing) is exactly a week away. I have officially been in the big girl working world for a year. I get 10 vacation days after the 8th and I can't wait! I have so many trips coming up, but at the same time I'm super stingy with these days.

  • Ellzey Family Vacation (I'm only attending like two days--like I said STINGY) is in about two weeks! Yay for beach trips!

  • My super cool cousin and his even cooler fiance get married in 2 months and 25 days in Maine! Yep-family vacation/reunion round 2. 

  • Joshua turns 24 (aka old man status) in 3 months and 2 days!

  • Our 3rd annual Pittsburgh trip is in 4 months and 27 days (which doesn't seem like that far away) and our 6 year dating anniversary in in 4 months and 28 days! Seriously can't wait!

Well that seems like enough countdowns for now, but seriously how fun is the rest of the year going to be?! I want time to slow down and hurry up at the same time. Can that be a thing? 



  1. It's my birthday month too! Yay for July babies :)

  2. Hahaha when I finally get vacation days I will be stingy with them too... those are prized possessions.

  3. It's my Birthday Month tooooo! YAY! What do you have planned while in Pittsburgh? I grew up there and now live not too far away in Erie!

  4. My 23rd birthday is this month too and I have no idea what I want to do to celebrate either. I mean I know I'd ideally love to spend it by the pool with a drink in my hand, but seeing as how it's a Wednesday that's not going to happen. I just can't figure out a decent plan B for the day

  5. That's how I was when I turned 22! I had my 21st planned for weeks, but the next one didn't seem like such a big deal!

  6. Oh man girl I feel you on vacation days, I am the same way!

  7. I love countdowns! It's only 21 days til I leave my boring job! Hooray!