Because I Said So: So You Think You Can Dance
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Monday, July 28, 2014

So You Think You Can Dance

Well, I know I CAN'T dance. 

I was a cheerleader back in the day--6 years ago (why does this make me feel so old--that and the fact that I got carded at an R movie the other night--I'm 23.)  

Anyways, I wouldn't say I'm a great, or even a good dancer. Ask my friends, boyfriend, and/or family. My dancer friends have tried to teach me, with little to no success...I'm just awkward. Sure I danced when literally everyone else did at the age of 3 and occasionally when I'm out with friends, but my dance career was short lived.

Both of my younger sisters CAN dance. Wayy better than me. So jealous. 

This past weekend was Carol's and her entire JV team's first time away at camp at Nicholl's State University (they grow up so fast) I think I was more nervous about that then she was. You know camp: staying in a dorm, being exhausted from learning more than your brain can handle, and sub par cafeteria food. 

But hello, Baby Carol was going to camp. (everyone calls Caroline--Carol much to my mother's dismay...and now we've started calling her "Baby Carol" because she's growing up and we don't want her to)

To say she thrived would be an understatement. She did freaking amazing; I'm so proud! Go Baby Carol and GO NORTHLAKE!

Not only did she personally walk away with two blue ribbons, a red ribbon, AND an outstanding performer ribbon..her team also won:

I mean look at all of those trophies!
-the judge's award
-1st runner up in the Home Routine competition
-1st runner up in the competition that we saw today
-(2) ALL-STARS (Carol and Autumn--go girls!)

Oh and one more tiny detail: she was named an ALL-STAR!! Such a HUGE honor as a first time camper and a Jr. High-er. Being an ALL-Star basically means: she's a great leader and a great performer/dancer (which I could've told you) AND if our dad would like to shell out $2,500 she could go to London and march in parade--which really means like $15,000 for the whole family to go. So...GO BABY CAROL! 

I'd say she/they did pretty well for it being their first time at camp! Look out, because the Jr. Wolverettes will do great things--because I said so!

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