Because I Said So: How To: Tips on Finding "THE" Dress
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How To: Tips on Finding "THE" Dress

I've learned a lot in my week of being "Maid of Honor" so far. I mean, it's like I was made for this job. My favorite thing, thus far, has been to go along and help pick the wedding dress. After 14 dresses and 4 hours, she said yes to the dress--and I picked up some tips along the way!

1. Don't bring too many people. A handful of people and at the most 5-6. You don't want too many opinions bouncing around. It's already an overwhelming process--don't make it more so. For instance, if your bridal party is 11+ DO NOT bring all of them.

2. Bring people who know your style and have similar taste as you. Or who tell you like it is. Don't bring that one friend/family member who is super conservative if you want a more non-traditional dress or vice versa...Recipe for disaster.

3. Remember that, in the end, your opinion matters most. If you aren't comfortable in the dress, then it's not for you, no matter how much Mom loves it. Mom will not be wearing the dress. You will be.

4. Make an appointment. This ensures that you'll get the undivided attention from the sales person that you need. It could be the difference in finding THE dress or leaving empty handed.

5. Pace yourself. If you need to take a break, do it. I haven't been the bride, but I'm sure the dresses can start to blur together--especially if you are trying on the whole store. Plus the dresses are VERY heavy. Sit down girl, you deserve a break!

6. Take notes. Actually, have one of your trusty bridesmaids take them. If you are trying on upwards of 14 dresses, you're likely to forget what you thought about dress #1 if you are on dress #10.

I'll for sure be following these tips for when I finally get engaged. But for now, I'm loving helping (read: slightly bossing around) my best friend!


  1. Couldn't have found a more perfect post! I need help in this regard... Also just in everything wedding related. So much to do!

  2. Great advice. I'm so indecisive- I couldn't even imagine having to choose a wedding dress.

  3. These are great tips, especially number 6! I got overwhelmed trying to pick a prom dress back in high school and kept trying on the same dresses because I couldn't remember what I liked or didn't like about each. I can't even imagine how overwhelmed I'll get trying to pick a wedding dress, thankfully that won't be any time soon

  4. I definitely took notes when I was trying on dresses. (I also had my mom snap pictures with her phone - even though you really weren't supposed to do it - but how else was I going to remember all of them?!) Great tips!

  5. Such great tips! I'll be making appointments soon to look for mine - eek! So excited!

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  7. Awesome tips! I'm getting married next fall and haven't started this yet. Everyone keeps asking when I'm going (I think they want to come) but I may freak out if there is too many people there. HAHA!
    Thanks for the info.

  8. Love these tips! As an avid Say Yes To The Dress watcher, I can tell you that bringing your super-conservative Grandma when you want a "sexy dress" or bringing every woman you've ever been friends with is an awful idea. Stick to the to the people who have the best idea of what will make you, you!