Because I Said So: Cake for Breakfast
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cake for Breakfast

Sometimes you just have to eat cake for breakfast. I know I know--really unhealthy. But scratch the healthy goals and motivation and dig into that piece of cake.

Don't believe me? 
Try it. It's worth it! 

Yesterday I had no motivation (but seriously what is motivation?) and last night I was dead to the world. If you texted, emailed, or called me past 7 PM, I apologize--I wasn't ignoring you (or maybe I was idk)

I took my own mini break from life by going to bed around 7:30 PM. Yep, granny status. This morning, however, I woke up feeling super refreshed! Looks like 12 hours of sleep is just what I needed.
That, and cake for breakfast.

Sure I didn't make it to the gym OR eat a healthy breakfast, but you know what? It's OK. I had cake for breakfast which automatically makes today awesome.

Background Note: I've always had a love for all things sweet. When I was little, I would only eat the icing off the cake. So much so, that one of my friend's mom's would only give me icing at parties because she knew I wouldn't eat the actual cake. (I'm surprised I'm not 500 pounds and/or diabetic)

Cake, breakfast, eat breakfast, petit fours, pastries

So anyways, if you're feeling down on yourself and aren't motivated to do anything...just take it from me and eat cake for breakfast
(because I said so)

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  1. I see nothing wrong with cake for breakfast - or any time of the day for that matter :)