Because I Said So: Work to Play Outfit of the Day
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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Work to Play Outfit of the Day

I love this outfit for many reasons. Jeans are so easy to throw on and go and this sweater is light weight and perfect for Spring (I'm actually wearing it today with a different shirt, but same accessories and jeans haha).

I'll usually wear something similar to this to work. I'm at my computer all day designing social media posts so comfort is key! It's just starting to warm up here, but the weather is finicky so we'll have our cool spells--which is why I don't just wear the sleeveless maroon shirt by itself quite yet. As a bonus. this outfit easily translates to weekend wear for running errands or lunch dates!

And, oh the accessories. Can't forget those! The newest staple to my usual accessories are these tiny cameo earrings. My Mimi gave them to me for Christmas--they were her's when she was probably my age and they match the cameo ring that was my mom's, as well. I love love jewelry that is vintage or even antique that has a special meaning to me AND that is still fashionable today. 

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