Because I Said So: February Goals
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Monday, February 1, 2016

February Goals

If I'm being honest, I've failed miserably at my "New Year's Resolutions." In fact, I wouldn't even remember what they were had I not written them down here

The only one I'd give myself a passing grade on is blogging consistently. Posting about twice a week has really allowed me to focus on quality posts,  interact with other bloggers, and grow my blog! I'm counting January as a trial month and getting back on track with these goals for February.

1. Live in the present. 

I'm always rushing to the next thing AND always on my phone. Phrases that frequent my mind include "I can't wait until..." "Why can't I just _____ already..." etc. etc. When I'm not living in my  perfectly made up future, I'm on my phone. It's a bad habit and I'm going to attempt to kick it this month.

2. Find a House.

February might be the month we find a house! Emphasis on the "might." House hunting is A LOT harder than I ever though it would be, so fingers crossed we find a great one!

3. Drink more Water.

Self-explanatory, but I'll go days without drinking water and then drink like 5 bottles of water in a day. That can't be healthy, right? 

4. Continue to grow my blog.

I plan on continuing to post #ootds, collaborating with a few local businesses, and growing my social media accounts/pageviews. 

Here's to being a GOAL DIGGER this month!

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