Because I Said So: When Everyone's Getting Married but You
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When Everyone's Getting Married but You

Currently people in my life are divided into three categories: not married, married, and married/together with kids. If you fall into the first category (like myself) and will be checking the SINGLE box on your taxes this year, this post is for you.

"Really?! She got in engaged before me??" 

"They've only been dating for ___ months/years!" 

"I didn't even know they were dating?!"



"I don't think I can handle another save the date."

Admit it, you've thought at least one of these...ok, maybe all.  So, how do you cope?

First of all, you and I are in need of a reality check. No, not everyone is getting married or having children. There's your little brother or sister, your co-worker, etc. There are millions of people not married and *gasp* not even dating anyone. 

I know how you feel. I worked in the wedding industry for two years and have been dating my boyfriend for 7 years and counting.  I'm either constantly planning/thinking about my wedding or fielding questions of if/why I'm not married yet. 

Know that anyone can get married. And consequently divorced. So don't rush it.

It's not a race. Duh.

There's so much more to life than just getting married. Learn to love yourself and accomplish your personal goals first. Getting married doesn't make you cooler and it doesn't make everything that's bad in your life disappear. It just makes you married. 

Trust the timing of your life.


  1. OMG YES. I love this line "It doesn't make you cooler and it doesn't make everything that's bad in your life disappear. It just makes you married." Both of my little sisters just got married last summer and since then, my whole family has been all "Ashliegh, when are you going to get married?" To which I amusingly respond "never."

  2. SOOOOOO TRUE. So true. You're so right. Everyone can get married, but when the time is right with the right person. It means NOTHING if it's sooner or later than so-and-so...everything has due time! Also what do you do in the wedding biz????

    1. That's been my motto lately.
      I am the sales associate/event coordinator for the venue I work at. I get to experience almost every aspect of the industry every day!

  3. I laugh because this is all too true. Most of my friends these days really are married and have kids or are at least talking about having kids. I've thought everyone of those thoughts. But you're so right. It is all about timing. You're going to be with this person for forever, it is an important decision. You should make sure it is the right person!

    1. I'm with you. By the time I get married, all of my friends will be on baby number 2 lol

  4. Yes to all of this. I know quite a few people that got married back when the rest of us were just on our first year of college and the whole marriage and kids thing was still a shock to us (seems to be the norm now) and now they're split up. Timing is everything! Don't rush it! Sure, you can't predict the future and when a divorce is coming, but I do believe the longer you know someone, the more you'll know for sure if it will actually work or not.

  5. YES. I'm constantly "that single friend". I haven't had a serious boyfriend or partner in I don't know how many years. Since, ever. My best friend just got engaged and while I'm seriously happy for them, I'm still a little jealous. I'm still big on the timing thing though. I'm only 21, so I'm not in a rush to find my 'forever' ...Yet haha.