Because I Said So: "Insta"nt Inspiration
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Friday, February 6, 2015

"Insta"nt Inspiration

Everyone has their favorite Instagram accounts. The ones where no matter what they post it's always beautiful, has a witty caption, and causes you to double tap almost out of necessity.

This week I've been on a roll putting all of my favorites (of anything) into a list. Here are my top accounts to inspire your weekend! (And while you're at it, follow me!)

@chateaugudanes: I love a good renovation and this one is the ultimate. It's basically an account dedicated to documenting on family working to restoration/cleanup a 17th century Chateau in the French countryside. It's really, really neat the things that they've been uncovering! History + DIY = Heaven.

@WomenIRL: ("women in real life") Monitored by the people of Real Simple magazine, this account is as real as it gets. No fancy staging and no fancy filters to be seen. It's mostly disasters that kids and pets get themselves into. Think: kids with markers all over them, wrecking the house--everything that actually happens in real life. It's a good laugh and always 100% real. 

@WhitV/HeartandArrowDesign: Ok so, technically two accounts...Whitney owns Heart and Arrow Design and recently redesigned my blog! I look to her for all inspiration. She just bought a store front for her store "Heart and Arrow" and I can't wait to see how she styles it! #girlboss

@SouthernWeddings: Of course a wedding account had to make it on the list, duh! Can you have more than one wedding? Because this account definitely makes me have all the feels and want to plan 5 different weddings.

@brightonkeller: My favorite thing about Brighton is that she's a fabulous fashionista, but stays grounded. She posts Bible verses and blurbs from devotionals she's reading and is very inspiring in her faith, as well as, her #ootd posts.

@carly: (The College Prepster) She's the first blogger I ever followed. She continues to be inspiration as her brand grows. Plus she lives in the greatest city ever and has the cutest puppy ever!

@thegrovestreetpress: I still have yet to visit the shop here in NOLA, but if you like stationery, things arranged neatly, and cute dogs, you'll love this account!

P.S. I'm always looking for new people to follow! What are your favorite accounts?


  1. I've been watching way too much HGTV and I'm convinced I need to save up money to buy an old house and redo it. So I don't know how I hadn't already found that first account. All these are seriously great ones! Carly's the first blogger I followed too

  2. I have not heard of most of these so I will have to check them out, especially Women IRL--it looks like my clumsy life in an instagram account. hahaha. And yes, I love Whit's designs from Heart and Arrow, and I especially love what she did with your blog as well!

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