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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Because Josh Said So || Blogger Men Tell All

This is one of my favorite link ups because it gets Joshua involved in blogging! I'm not sure if he likes it as much as I do, but he answered the questions, so that counts for something!

These old pictures never actually get old to me--I love them!

Q: What is your favorite winter hobby?
A: Watching the NFL Playoffs (yep, you can't get him out from in front of the TV for anything!)

Q: Did you do anything special for your blogger on February 14th?

A: Wine + dine, took her to a movie, and surprised her with flowers (he spoils me)

Q: What’s your favorite kind of candy?

A: Skittles (he's not a big "candy" person so I'm shocked he even picked one)

Q: Which Rom-Com would you choose to watch while you snuggle up with your Valentine?

A: Date Night (Jeremy, I'm going to go home and fart in a shoebox--I freaking love this movie, nice choice!)

Q: Who, in your opinion, is the best US president ever?

A: George Washington (I would've chosen Kennedy, but to each his own)

Becoming Adorrable


  1. But what happens when the playoffs are OVER? Haha! Date Night is a great choice!!