Because I Said So: Black Friday
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

This year, there was nothing that I just had to have or want to stand in line at midnight for. That being said, I'm still participating in the whole Black Friday festivities--with two pre-teens.

What am I thinking?!

My two younger sisters and Josh's younger sister are my companions for this shopping trip. I'm hoping it won't be a drama filled day with a 12 year old, a 13 year old, and an almost 19 year old--it's me and all teens! We've never all hung out before so I'm hoping that this day will be a bonding opportunity and that the Ellzey girls don't scare Gabby away--we can be a little intense when we are all together!

First hurdle, get everyone out of bed. Easier said than done. Stephanie is the hardest person to wake up. Jumping on her bed, turning on the lights, ripping the covers off--nothing worked. She gets up on her own time. Fifteen minutes later, we're ready to shop!

Wish me luck--because I said so!

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