Because I Said So: While the Parents are Away, the Children will Play
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Monday, June 23, 2014

While the Parents are Away, the Children will Play

This past weekend, my parents were away celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary (which is actually today! Happy Anniversary you love birds). So I, being the oldest sister, had to babysit the baby sisters. Which, for the record, they are hardly "babies" at almost 20 and almost 13. So yea. Basically we just threw parties the whole weekend. (just kidding mom and dad--maybe)

It was another weekend for the books! I had work all day on Friday, but it wasn't SO bad because it was photo shoot day #lovemyjob (follow me on Instagram--I post lots of pictures from work) 

After work, I headed over to the boyfriend's to watch the sunset on the boat and spend some quality time with my wittle family--Laney included. #louisianasummer

No filter needed. 

Also my picture from Friday night (see above) is Instagram famous (see below)! Like what I didn't even know there was such a thing. But apparently there is and Josh and Laney can be found in the bottom right corner! 

Laney is a natural born boater. The face of pure bliss! She spent the whole time pouncing on and eating dragonflies. Weird, but at least she was happy!

Laney loves boat rides and being Insta famous!

Saturday was babysit the brats day sister day! It also happened to be National Wear Your Lilly Day or #NWYLD. So naturally, we all wore our Lilly. In my opinion, every day should be #NWYLD, but that's just me. You can see glimpses of our Lilly outfits throughout this post!

Iced coffee (my new obsession) was a must to get the day started. And can I just brag on this picture for like five seconds? It's so blogger-esque. (channeling my inner College Prepster)

We made our way to the Riverwalk Outlets in NOLA and Steph and I bought our very first pair of Jack Rogers Sandals. I'm officially "preppy." Lilly and Jack in one picture? I can't.

Just being your typical tourists and window shopping!

Don't worry, she didn't actually buy it. We wouldn't let her.

Forever 21 ladies!

Sunday was back to the boat for me and for first timers Carol and Steph! We went tubing literally all day until a, I kid you not, waterspout drove us back to land. We were the real storm chasers y'all.

We saw the funnel cloud forming and the funnel getting closer and closer to the ground, but luckily it never connected to the ground and we were moving at about 45 mph across the water AWAY from it. It was still pretty scary.

Me and the "babies"
The gang is all here. Me and Joshua and our sisters!

See, I told you. Such a fun weekend. It's going to take me the whole weekend to recover--literally because tubing makes your arms very sore. Hanging on for dear life takes some upper body strength--in which I have none.

What did you do this past weekend?


  1. wow. Best weekend ever??! I am loving all of your pictures! (Yes, I stalked your Instagram all weekend!) What do you do for your job again?!!

  2. How do you like your Jacks? I want a pair but I've heard they're really uncomfortable until they're well broken in

  3. Those pajamas!!!!!!!!! And the matching computer print shorts too! Those are so cute!