Because I Said So: Five Ways to Relax After Work
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Five Ways to Relax After Work

This should read Five Ways to "completely shirk all responsibilities" After Work. I go through phases where I either like to be completely sloth like or completely productive after work. There usually is no in between. 

Today is no different. Today, I don't want to do anything. Surprise surprise. 

1. Completely ignore the fact that you have a mountain of laundry and/or dishes to do. Who knows? They might even wash themselves. Ok, probably not and you probably won't have anything to wear to work tomorrow, but that problem is for tomorrow morning--tomorrow's worries will worry about themselves.

2. Change immediately into "soft" clothes. I used to laugh at the fact that my Juju (sorry Juju) called your standard yoga pants and T-shirt "soft clothes"--but when you think about it, that's what they are. She's a genius! Pants, in this case, are optional of course.

3. Eat like a child/or just completley unhealthy. I'm literally going to eat chicken noodle soup and icing for dinner. #sorrynotsorry I'll work out tomorrow. Maybe.

4. Watch TV. I turn on my over priced cable the minute I walk in the door. If I'm paying that much for it, it will be on as much as possible! It makes me feel less lonely and its relaxing. Plus, it's Tuesday and I'm really into the new show Chasing Life on ABC Family.

5. Take a bubble bath/shower. I'm more of bubble bath person--usually accompanied with a glass of wine, candles, and a good book. But, to each his/her own.

I'm linking up for Listed Tuesday with Erica Jacqueline!

Have any other ways to relax? Send them my way--because I said so of course!


  1. Yes to all of these + a big glass of wine. Happy relaxing!

  2. Bubble bath is my favorite way to relax in the evening! Give me some wine, music, and sweet scents and I'm set!

  3. Love this! I am the same way...extremely lazy or extremely productive when I come from work. I wish I was the productive person more often, but lots of times, the lazy side wins!

  4. The bubble bath is definitely my favorite way to relax. Soft clothes and tv come in right after :)

  5. i immediately change into my "soft clothes" the second I come home. it's a must!

  6. Ugh, I come home and raid my pantry like I've never eaten before! In other words-- eat like a child. You're so right. But yay for comfy clothes after work!

  7. Uggghhh, after work I just want to lay in bed and do nothing! Literally! I'm still trying to figure out a schedule to do laundry, dishes and cleaning... Thank God that I live with my boyfriend because that pushes me to do something lol