Because I Said So: All of the Crazies
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All of the Crazies

Disclaimer: The sassiness is to the max throughout this post. I don't mean to offend anyone, I just need to get it all out. I love my job, but people can be annoying--I'm sure in every job. Also I know the roles can be reversed--company to customer.

My job consists of dealing with people on a daily basis; I guess you could say it's based on customer service. As a sales assistant/event coordinator/whatever my job title tends to be on any given day, customers are a huge part of my job and making them happy (within reason) is my main priority. Most days it's fine. 

But other days, it's absolute torture. 

Lately, the crazies have been calling non-stop and when they come calling, they come all AT. THE. SAME. TIME. (someone at work told me it's because of a full moon, but I didn't know that was "a thing"--apparently it is.

Ever get that feeling where you just want to scream and cry at the same time? I think that's what they call "the breaking point" and I've reached mine.

Do NOT be one of the crazies. I'm begging you. 

It really makes me smile when people are nice, polite, and genuinely seem grateful for my help. It's those customers that remind me why I love what I do. And because I'm a nice person, I'm including a few pointers for you (read: real life examples of crazies) So pour yourself a drink for me and enjoy! Cheers!

-When you email, be courteous. Do not start off the email, "since I haven't heard from you..." or "since it's taken so long for you to respond.." Um, #rude. We are busy and you are NOT our only client. Contrary to popular belief. Instead, "just touching base" would be a more appropriate way to start the email off.

-If you call at 7 AM no one will answer the phone. We don't open until 9 AM. It's not personal, but if you're going to be annoying, it might very well be.

- Get your list of questions together before we chat. This eliminates the 1000 phone calls after our meeting that I'll have to dodge. It's exhausting.

- Oh you want to meet on a Saturday. No sorry. Or after hours? Nope. I have a life other than work.

- You need a contract done right. this. second. That's great. I need a beer. We don't always get what we want, when we want it. You'll have to wait like everyone else--and there's about four people ahead of you. Please take a number. Thanks.

-If you call and leave a message saying it's urgent, then pick up the phone when I call back. It's only polite. Phone tag is not fun.

- Oh you want to complain about how much it's going to cost you? I don't want to hear it. Do NOT try to sell me on "your idea of the right price." I'm the sales person, NOT YOU. You are not getting a discount, no matter how much you whine. 

-You want to bring in your own alcohol for the bride ONLY. That's fine. But I didn't authorize you to bring in jello shots for all 200 guests OR the Jaeger that guy is sneaking off to the corner to drink every five minutes. Yes, I see you and your green ice chest. UGH.


Crazies, please go back into hiding--because I said so (and I'm begging you, I'm about to go insane)


  1. Oh my gosh, lady. As someone who used to work in sales & events, I feel your pain!!!!! (And yes, a "full moon" is totally a thing. My parents, my dad a Dr and my mom a Nurse, both have said that whenever it's a full moon, the crazies come to the office/hospital!)

  2. This is my life working in a real estate office! Ahh so frustrating!

  3. When you figure out how to rid the crazies, let me know! Some people..

  4. To be fair, I really did work with a vendor for my wedding who thought not answering an email for 2 weeks was acceptable. And not notifying us that someone else entirely would be working with us. So at that point, the "I haven't heard from you" is totally reasonable. Not saying y'all do that, but there are some crazy wedding vendors out there too!

  5. Lol I swear the crazies always come in threes! I work in a bakery within a food store and most of the people are lovely but we get some seriously crazy, ridiculous people. People that want things for free(and will shamelessly bring on a scene to ensure that it happens), people that want ace of cakes style cakes when they are paying grocery store prices..and of course the people that think they are the only customer that needs to be tended to that day and are just outrageously demanding.

  6. This is dead on....I work with the public and man, sometimes people are just plain crazy. The sense of entitlement is what kills me every time. Having to keep a professional attitude when I really want to tell the customer what I'm really thin king is the hardest!

  7. I never worked with customers but I worked with kids and a full moon is most definitely a thing, any teacher will know when the full moon is bc the kids become crazies!

  8. ahh that is so annoying. customer service can definitely be really frustrating, so i feel your pain!

  9. The full moon crazies have died down this month, but today I had a crazy (and kind of creepy....and kind of smelly) old man offer me Cheetos. Sometimes I deal with so many nutjobs in a day I wonder how the universe is still functioning.