Because I Said So: Livin' the Dream?
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Livin' the Dream?

With my first "big girl apartment" I thought things would be way Way WAY different than they are. There's my dream life and then there's my real life and the struggle to connect the two is ever present. We all have our dreams and goals for certain things in our lives and an expectation as to how it will turn out. But most of the time, it doesn't end up the way we expected (could be far better or far worse).

One of my "goals" is to complete Project: Decorate Apartment. Honestly, it will probably never be completely complete, but a girl can dream!

Let me back up for a hot second. Today is Friday and it's time for a new link up! Obviously, I love making lists so I had to join in the fun duh.

Moving on to the best part: the list!

1. Fresh flowers all the time. Y'all this is a super expensive habit! Yes, flowers are pretty and elegant and I want all of my rooms to have floral arrangements but, I have to accept the fact that I do live on a budget (most of the time). I mean I love putting together flower arrangements on someone else's dime and I try to have fresh flowers as much as possible--I just wish they didn't die so fast!

2. Pottery Barn everything. Right. Since I have that much money. Currently I'm operating on a beer budget and have only the highest of quality champagne taste. Problem. 

3. Visitors all the time. People will want to come visit all the time, I told myself. Sadly, no. Hello come visit me friends and family! I get lonely just talking to my puppy-child all the time. 

4. It would be fully decorated and look like a space out of the Everygirl the weekend after I moved in. The apartment tours they feature on the Everygirl are what I aspire my space to look like. Everyone on there looks like they have their ish together and well, I don't. They are grown up, I am still loving the Disney movies. I'm still decorating and probably will always be decorating little by little. Obviously, these things take time. Regardless, the Everygirl home tours are still my goal/dream and I love to have my space professionally photographed!

5. Natural light. I currently suffer from "I only have windows on one side of my apartment" syndrome. It's dreary and I hate it. Next place will have windows on multiple sides no matter the cost!

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  1. A list linkup?! Awesome!
    I know the feeling well. I've been in an apartment for 7 years now and it's still nowhere near what I want it to be. Mismatched furniture and decorations drive me crazy, but it's just too expensive to buy a cohesive set all in one these days. Little by little though, I try to refine what we have, but I'm really looking forward to a home where we have many more options. I finally got some nice looking fake flowers too, and they really brighten up spaces!

  2. Oh yes!! Reality vs. Dream Life - I think we all suffer from it haha!! I'd love to have beautiful furniture and everything looking like a show house - but one that I actually lived in lol! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Even living in a house, the reality is never quite up to the dream. I'm still trying to decorate our house -- I'm just terrible at it. :)

  4. Lol I can totally relate! I have the same taste/ budget problem being a young momma of 3! We have been in our home for 5 years and I am nowhere near where I want things to be! Luckily I am a fab DIYer though. I think your apartment is super cute though! You'll get there eventually! XO

  5. Thanks for linking up! I LOVE having fresh flowers too! Do you have a trader Joe's near you? They have nice gerber daisies for five dollars and they last for like two weeks. Just my way to get some bright happy flowers on a budget.

  6. Why does "dream life" need to be so damn expensive?! Or why can't we win the lottery?! Sigh..