Because I Said So: Always in a Rush, Never on Time
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Always in a Rush, Never on Time

My family can never seem to get anywhere in a decent amount of time.  Does anyone else feel the same way? I only ever notice this when I'm in a rush. Like what is it with being in a rush and never being able to get anywhere on time?!

Family vacations that take ten hours to drive to? More like ten hundred hours. Plan to leave for 5 am, don't leave until 9 am. There goes day one of vacation. Planning to get somewhere early (i.e. movies, church, baseball game), barely make it with time to spare. It's ok I still love them. (Hi family!)

 Ok, so on some of these I'm exaggerating, but not by much. Vacations are ALWAYS the worst. I've been on road trips with the family and road trips with the boyfriend and they are drastically different. Of course, two people getting their act together versus five people is obviously going to be way easier and go way smoother. For one, Josh barely stops to let me go to the bathroom/stretch my legs/eat, but with the family we stop ALL the time because someone didn't pee when we stopped the first time or wasn't hungry 30 mins ago. (TMI?) Anyways, you know how it goes. 

This past weekend, my family met me to go to a baseball game and my little sister tweeted this:

Basically. She's dramatic too, but let's not hold it against her (she get's it from me--oops).

I used to think this was just my family's problem, but I think it's probably most families. I mean, you try to get five people (four of them girls) out of the door at the same time. Good luck. It is virtually impossible (for my family at least)--much less families bigger than that.
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  1. My dad always finds some totally unnecessary thing he HAS to do right before we try to leave, like cut his toenails. It's a bit of a running joke in our family now, but it's still frustrating!

  2. Same thing here...we start out with the best intentions but usually we are a tad bit off on the time. It's hard coordinating 5 people; especially when it's early in the morning!!

  3. Haha my family is the same way with road trips! My younger sister, my mom, and I went to Nashville last summer and we had to stop 5 times in what should have been a 7 hour trip! I made the same drive later in the summer and stopped once to run to the bathroom, fill up with gas, and grab more snacks.

  4. Haha!! I am always in conflict because I HAVE to be on time if not early and I am like a dictator yelling at everyone to hurry up but we always leave at least within 30 minutes of when I wanted to. Not too bad, although everyone hates me!

  5. The worst is once you are running late, it seems that's when little things add up to make you even later! On days I leave extra early for work, I hit every green light, there's no traffic, weather is good, life is great. On days I'm behind, I hit every single red light, I get behind the slowest driver in a one-lane, there's an accident ahead and we come to a stop, plus it's raining or snowing.

  6. I am totally with you!! I am always ready of course but my mom takes forever!! We always leave two hours later than we want!!