Because I Said So: Get on Your Bikes and Ride!
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Get on Your Bikes and Ride!

And cue the Queen song!

This past weekend was the MS Tour for Cure. It's a (in total) 150 mile bike ride to raise money for those with multiple sclerosis.  75 miles there, 75 miles back...uphill both ways. Just kidding. But there really are lots of hills throughout the course.

I could never. But my dad does it every year. This year being no exception even with the risk of a Tropical Storm--thankfully it dissipated before any damage could be done. Nonetheless, my weekend started off at 6 AM on Saturday. After overseeing the start of the race,  and making sure Dad was off to a good start,



us girls of the family went back home for a quick nap and some last minute packing before heading to the finish line located in Percy Quinn State Park. We were determined to not miss him crossing this year! Once we had arrived, the clouds were seemingly non-threatening...until we had to ride in the back of a ranger's truck to get the finish line. That's when the bottom fell out--of course. So here we are getting soaked before we even get there..I can't imagine how Dad was feeling riding through the rain. At least we had rain jackets?


Luckily for us, and Dad, the rain stopped almost as quickly as it had started. While waiting for dad to cross the finish line, we took many  selfies, cheered random people on who were crossing the finish line, chatted with people sitting around us, and observed the nature that is to be found in the state park (mainly complained about gnats and spiders).

Around 2 o'clock Dad crossed the finish line! Hip Hip Hooray! Time to CELEBRATE!! What better way to celebrate than with an ice cold beer? IDK how he drank that after riding 75 miles!image (1)

While Dad recovered and socialized with other bikers,  my sisters and I caught a couple of zzzs --like we were 5 years old again. Seriously napping on a blanket in the park. Even with a nap, the Ellzey family hit the hay early, to get ready for another day of bike racing.

The second day of racing was super foggy.  I noticed that some bikers had strobe headlights on their bikes--which I thought was a nice touch. Dad does have a birthday coming up.....

And it was back to Hammond for the girls and back to Cracker Barrel for the second time this trip. My most favorite thing about Cracker Barrel is that you can buy the PEZ refill candy without the annoying PEZ container and just eat all of it to your heart's content. It comes like 4 in a pack. HEAVEN.

Sunday, thankfully there was no rain, though it looked like it at moments throughout the day. After some quick shopping, we headed to the finish line to await the arrival of Dad. We spread out our blankets and got to tracking dad to see EXACTLY where he was. Modern technology is a tad bit CREEEPPY!

Here Steph is anxiously waiting for Dad to come around the corner.image (2)

Beating his time yesterday by an hour or so, Dad crossed the finish line! YAY! GOOOO DAD!!

Can't wait for next year! image (3)image (4)

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  1. Allison:

    Great update.

    Looks like everyone had a good time.


    Uncle Stan