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Friday, August 14, 2015


It's Friday again! (and everyone cheers)
Remember that balance I was trying to achieve last week where I basically have it all? Not working. Which is only going to make me try harder, honestly. I know I should make peace with the fact that everything won't go my way all the time, but dammit I'm going to try.



-My "blogging" board on Pinterest. So much inspiration!

-WOW Baking Company cookies. I don't have any food allergies, but my dad has enough for the whole family. He's allergic to wheat, corn, soy, gluten, dairy, and pork and I think that's it. Needless to say, our house has a lot of "interesting" foods. I tried some of WOW Baking Company's Key Lime Pie cookies last night, AND OMG. You would never know it didn't have wheat or gluten! They tasted JUST like key lime pie and were so soft. Now, I'm itching to get my hands on these chocolate chips ones (currently in our pantry)!

-My mom did the rest of my laundry last night #winning

-I finally got my toll tag which means I can bypass the peasants line and go straight through the toll booth without stopping. Also, it's a reduced toll, so yay for saving money!

-The countdown to Labor Day weekend!

-When people refer to my blog as a business. I guess that's what it is, but it still catches me off guard and gives me all the smiles!


-Getting up earlier than I'm used to just to make the commute

-The afternoon slump (aka the hours of 2-4PM) Sometimes it hits as early as 1PM and the day drags on. Note: this only happens during the week.

T-minus 8 hours until the weekend!
P.S. Should I make this into a monthly link up? Thoughts?


  1. I know! I get so excited knowing that own my own brand or business! Those cookies look great! I am trying to go gluten and dairy free for a while. That's a great substitute.

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  2. I love your blogging board! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love your blog, and I like this post. A monthly link up would be fun!

  4. Jen from Epbot introduced me to those cookies and YES! So delicious! If only they didn't have any carbs or calories either!!! ;)

  5. Those cookies are AMAZING! And yes, the whole blog as business thing is such a good feeling! I've had alot of that these last couple months, and I was finally able to quit both my part time jobs this month to replace with blog income! I feel so official, and I love it.

    Courtney// As We Stumble Along

  6. Getting up early to commute is the worst! I totally feel for you on that one. Going to check out your blogging board now. P.S. I'm totally on board with this being a link-up.
    Miranda Writes

  7. ....And now you have me craving chocolate chip cookies! ;)

    Xo, Michelle

  8. Ahh, those cookies sound amazing and it's always a nice surprise when your Mom does your laundry for you! Also, I've been having to start get myself up earlier than usual because the "commute" from my new dorm to campus is a bit longer this year than the last and it's not super fun!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  9. I'm totally with you on the blogging Pinterest board! Yesterday morning I looked through a bunch of articles on my blogging Pinterest board -- I didn't realize that I had pinned so many things that would be so helpful to me!

  10. This being a monthly linkup would be awesome -- I'd definitely participate.
    Also yes to blogging boards on Pinterest.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  11. Yes! I would love this to be a linkup! I've been looking for a fun one to join and I always look forward to these posts

  12. Those cookies sound great- I have food allergies and so does my sister so this is a great brand intro for me. Thank you!

    I would absolutely link up with you if you decide to open this up! Keep me posted!


  13. Love this series that you do! A linkup would be so much fun... yes to blogging being called a business being in!
    The Fashionista's Diary

  14. I love this series that you do also! That's so funny that in your car they're called toll tags- I'm originally from Maine where we have toll highways also, but we call the car things EZ Passes!

    xoxo A

  15. You should make this into a link up. It would be fun to share what's in vs out for beauty :)

  16. Having mom do your laundry again is SUCH a perk to appreciate in grown-up world. It's the best!! And yes to making this a link-up!

    Coming Up Roses

  17. OMG....drooling over those chocolate chips! And I'm not gonna lie, I only live 30 minutes away from my mom and she still lets me bring laundry. Whoops!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  18. I love reading about blogging. I'm definitely going to check your Pinterest.

  19. Girl, I am right there with you on all of these! I just followed your blogging board :) The 4 PM slump is so real, and commutes aren't my fave. My dad gave me some CDs to learn Spanish on my drive!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  20. I really, really, really want my mom to do my laundry. Maybe when I have babies she'll do it.

  21. I can totally relate to his post. I am not a fan of driving home after work, but it's even worse when I'm bored! I also hit a 2pm slump where I want to curl and take a nap under my desk!

    Nicole // Chronicles of Home

  22. Those WOW cookies look great! I'm going to have to try some! When people ask if I have a job I'm just kind of like yeah...I have a few lol. Because technically my blog is a job i guess!

  23. Those cookies look awesome! Definitely trying them out for my next family gathering because so many people have allergies! Also, I agree that it's SO cool talking about how our blogs have grown into businesses :)