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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Just Call Me the Consignment Queen

How long can you be considered a "poor college graduate?"  My guess is that my time is limited.

Is it time to put on my big girl panties and suck it up? Probably.

 How about instead of Poor College Graduate -- Frugal Young Professional? I'm liking it.

Since I'm saving for my "big girl apartment" and various other things,  I have a {very aggressive} savings plan. {Very aggressive} meaning I'm saving about 90% of my paychecks to get to my goal by the end of October. This savings plan leaves me little money for shopping and doing anything that costs more than $20.00.

That being said, I've turned to consignment as a way to make extra money in addition to my bi-monthly paychecks. Why?

  1. Times have changed and "thrift" shopping isn't just for people who can't afford nice things, it's actually kind of cool and normal

  2. Macklemore made it popular with his song

  3. It's MY money we are talking about here and while I was OK with spending my parent's precious pennies, I'd prefer to hold on tightly to mine.

  4. It makes you feel great knowing you saved so much money and still bought fabulous clothes

  5. By saving money, you have more money to SAVE!

So... Plato's Closet, Lagniappe Consignment and Style Encore are my new best friends.

Plato's Closet and Style Encore are great because they give you cash on the spot. Plato's Closet is geared more towards pre-teens, teens, and early 20s (sometimes) and they carry boy's clothes (perfect for future Christmas presents!). Style Encore prides itself oncarrying mostly designer clothes --though to be honest, I hadn't heard of half of them when I walked in, and is geared more towards 30+ years olds.  Lagniappe Consignment, on the other hand, creates a contract and then pays you depending on what sells and donate what doesn't sell--saving you a trip (and money spent in gas) to Goodwill!

All are great ways to bring in a little extra cash with clothes that are just taking up space and that you haven't worn in a season or two. This past weekend,  I made a day of it and actually roped in a few helpers (read donors) my mom and youngest sister. I made a profit of about $160 on not only my clothes, but their's too!


In addition to making money, these places offer low prices on pretty cute clothes and accessories.

  • Nike Shorts reg. about $26.00 -- Plato's Closet you can find them for $10 and Style Encore $13.50. For someone with a NORTS obsession this is perfect (NOTE: you do have to hunt  for them and act fast because they fly off the racks!)


  • Guys Polo reg. at the outlet about $20? (I don't remember because I haven't shopped there in awhile) -- Plato's Closet $8.00-$10.00 WHAT A STEAL!

  • Cute dresses that look like they came from a boutique (we all know what I'm talking about) reg. $20-30 or sometimes higher--Plato's Closet $10.00

  • Lucky Brand Shoes (honestly idk how much they are in stores because I've only ever bought them from Plato's and TJ Maxx) Platos Closet $16.00 TJ Maxx $27.00

As you can see, these places will definitely save you money on all the brands you love! I was skeptical at first, but now I'm a believer and HAVE to tell everyone!!

Go check it out and see how much you can make/save...Because I Said So!

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