Because I Said So: Sunday Funday
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday Funday

Yesterday was truly a Sunday Fun-day. From oysters, to Barcadia, to the casino.  A perfect little NOLA outing with my beau.
We did it all!
We got a break from the really cold weather and took full advantage of it. 

One of the perks of having J work in retail is that I get to use his associate's discount. So off to JCP to get some new make up at Sephora we went. Before we even got out to begin our Sunday Funday, J promised we could go to LuluLemon to look around because let's face it I can't afford their workout clothes on an everyday basis. 

So naturally, that was our next stop.

I just like to go and look around.

Being the super sweet bf he is and learning early on that I usually get what I want,  he ended up buying me a workout shirt for Valentine's (and now he knows what I like for future reference--perfect) 
I know I know..who wants workout clothes for Vday? But come on y'all, it's LuluLemon!!! Plus it's a really cute top. Case dismissed.

Looks like I'm locked in now!

After a quick round through the shops at Canal Place, we headed to the Crazy Lobster for oysters and drinks. Even though the Riverwalk is currently under construction, this restaurant is still open and offering live music and scenic river views.
I mean MY view was pretty nice :)

From here, it was off to the casino (to play the required 30 mins for free parking) and then to Barcadia! 

Barcadia is probably the coolest, most unique environment ever. Literally it's all old school arcade games with a wide selection of alcohol. 


I beat Josh in all four games of skee ball and in pinball! What?! But, he beat me in Frogger, Pacman, and basically any other game we played. It's ok I'm used to I can always brag about beating him at skee ball for months! 

Life size Jenga!

Look at that concentration!

 I love Sunday Fun-days and wish that the weekends could be longer because I said so!

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1 comment:

  1. Sounds like the most perfect day - I don't have any Lulu Lemon attire yet - and I'm thinking my birthday might be the perfect time to ask for something!! :)