Because I Said So: Favorite Things
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Favorite Things

I'll admit it. I went over board with online shopping/shopping in general last week. I can't help it.

Plus it makes me happy and that's important.
(at least that's the excuse I'm letting myself believe)

So here are a few of my favorite things--this week:

Crown (you can call me Queen B):

I picked it up from a consignment/market where they have all sorts of neat stuff--you just have to look! 
It goes perfectly with all of the decor in my living room! Side note: I'm a sucker for little knick-knacks and I love decorating my apartment--a job in itself that I don't think will ever be done.

Waterlogue (the app)

I know this has been out for awhile, but I am just now jumping on the train. And I am so very glad I did!
Fab for making everything is my apartment look so great! See?!


Fleurty Girl NOLA T-shirt

These shirts a great for any NOLA girl and a MUST HAVE. They have sooo many to choose from for Mardi Gras and lots of "New Orleans-y" things for every other occasion. 
I wore mine to my first parade of the season last Saturday!

Fleurty Girl, NOLA, Mardi Gras, mardi gras beads, parades, New Orleans style

Erin Condren Life Planner

This is really the only place to get a planner. I've tried other places, but I always come back to this one. The customer service is great and you can pretty much personalize ALL of it! There's plenty of space to write, lots of fun stickers, and a monthly, weekly, and yearly calendar!

erin condren, life planner, organize, planner

I'm sure this will end up being a weekly thing--so be on the look out for my favorite things
--because I said so!

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  1. I've never heard of the waterlouge app - looks interesting!! Love the EC planner - haven't taken the plunge myself yet!

  2. Ugh I need to buy a planner! Well.. thats a lie I have a really cheap one now that I just customized myself by designing, printing off covers & taping them to the front & back. It really has made me not completely hate the planner I have now!

  3. I AM SO JEALOUS I want a life planner SO bad!

  4. That app is so neat! I love that.