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Friday, February 7, 2014

Hi my name is Allison...

...and I love cheesy holidays! 
More specifically the one coming up: Valentine's Day.

I think I've loved it from the start when we used to get those cheesy little cards with cartoons on them in Kindergarten. Good times good times. Also really embarrassing side note: I went out of my way to give this super cute boy (in fifth grade) a big Valentine's heart shaped box of candy anddddd he never talked to me again. Cool. You'd think I'd be forever scarred from the cruel experience, but nope still love it!

My sisters will argue that I love every holiday because I can potentially get a present out of it.
Day light savings time: present. 
Easter: present. 
Christmas: you better believe present(s). 

I can't help it that I love presents! For the record, I also like giving presents so I'm not as conceited as you may think.

Anyways, I'm super excited for THIS Valentine's Day because for one, this is Josh and I's 6th Valentine's Day together...WHAT?! AND because I'm getting all dressed up (hello I didn't pay $98 for a dress to only wear it once!), getting my hair done (at one of those swanky blow dry bars) and the we are going to a hot new restaurant to eat! 
And get this y'all..the restaurant doesn't have chicken tenders on the menu!! 
(J is so much pickier than I am and that's his go to--he must really love me if we are going somewhere where he doesn't like much on the menu) It's the little things.

I think I'm more excited about dressing up and going out than the prospect of presents this year (woah did I just say that)--but I still have to figure out what to get the bf. I mean he really is the hardest person to buy for and after five years of dating I think I've exhausted every category!

Oh well! I still can't wait for next Friday because I Love Valentine's Day! 
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