Because I Said So: I hate the dentist
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

I hate the dentist

Two dentist appointments in three days---ughhh!
Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? Come on people--let's get it together here! 

Basically I hate the dentist.
Which is weird because I used to love the dentist. 
You got cool treats/toys after the check up, the fluoride tasted like bubble gum, and all was good with the world.

Now, that I'm older, I don't get cool treats or good tasting fluoride and they murder my gums because sometimes I forget to floss (oops).

Recently (Tuesday) I had to go to the dentist for two reasons: to get my chipped tooth fixed and to catch up on my biannual cleaning which I've skipped for a year or two. 

I got to the dentist, sat in the chair, and they did in fact murder my gums because I'm a horrible flosser. They also ended up filling a cavity because apparently I'm a bad brusher too. 
I suck.

Meanwhile my chipped tooth has yet to be filled and the dentist asked me--multiple times--if I've ever considered orthodontics. Way to be subtle doc.

After like two hours of being at the dentist, instead of fixing my chipped tooth (which was the whole reason I made the appointment), I had to make ANOTHER appointment. All while missing work--thus not getting paid. 
Can you see why the dentist is not my fav?

Long story short, I had to go back to the dentist today (I'm blogging from the parking lot) at the crack of dawn before work (people function at this time?!) and have an orthodontist appointment later in March. I think I'm the only 22 year old excited about the possibility of getting braces. Weird I know. 

I still hate the dentist, but maybe I'll like the orthodontist more. 

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