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Friday, June 10, 2016

Because I Said Yes

I've been way too absent from my favorite corner of the internet, but my reason, this time, is totally validated.


Yep. My Prince Charming of almost 8 years, proposed over Memorial Day weekend. What I thought was just a road trip to a brand new city, turned out to be the best weekend ever and the beginning of the rest of our lives together! I've been dying to spill the story because it's both equal parts funny and sweet. 

The Trip

We went to San Antonio over Memorial Day weekend -- a city I've never been to and one that Josh mentioned every once in awhile (over seven years) as a place we should go together one day. The drive was anything but easy--it's about a 7 hour road trip, but add in torrential downpours, Baton Rouge traffic, and lightning everywhere, and it becomes an even longer trip. Plus we both worked a full day that day! 

We basically slept-walked into our hotel on Friday night and didn't budge until Saturday morning. Saturday, I only had THREE things on my mind: Brunch, the Alamo, and FANCY DINNER. Priorities. 

I had no idea that Josh would propose. It crossed my mind once or twice, but I thought for sure, NO WAY.

First things first, brunch. After getting lost and walking three miles to brunch at the Liberty Bar, we finally got the mimosas we so very much deserved. Liberty Bar was definitely worth the walk from the Riverwalk--plus they serve brunch almost all day on Saturdays!

P.S. At this point, I'm still completely oblivious as to what's going to happen later that night.

We lost where we parked the car and were sweating and tired by the time we got a glimpse of the Alamo. The tiniest little building in the middle of a bustling downtown. Needless to say, we didn't wait around in line (which was snaked around the entire park area). Been there. Done that. Check. 

Back at the hotel, we freshened up before our super cool dinner at the Tower of the Americas! The restaurant rotates ever so slightly, which is why I initially thought we were eating there. They also have an observation deck and a 3D movie!

The Proposal

I only remember a few key hints that should have set me on Josh's trail, but hindsight is 20/20 you know?

Hint 1: I was showering and getting ready when Josh stepped out "to get ice." Why we needed ice when we were about to leave I had no idea--He was getting the ring out of the truck. 

Hint 2: We get to the Tower of Americas 2 WHOLE HOURS EARLY. Initially, I thought this was just because the line was long and it can take awhile to get up to the restaurant due to the limited elevator space and the amount of people. Turns out, Josh was talking to management to make sure he could skip the line to propose on the Observation Deck. Meanwhile, I'm left sitting on a park bench all alone forced to people watch, which really, was quite entertaining.

We finally made it into the elevator and up to the Observation Deck and let me tell you: it's a beautiful view and wind tunnel ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You could be enjoying the skyline one minute and the next, your skirt could be flying over your head. True story.

After a few laps around the deck, I was getting bored. There's only so much you can see--and I wanted WINE, DINNER, and to not have to hold my skirt down. Josh had other plans. He was intent on taking a picture and I was having none of it. Picture this: my hair flying everywhere (I have a lot of it y'all) and trying to not flash everyone every time the wind blew. Yea. I was over it. 

Hint 3: Josh was so intent on "taking the picture" that he sprinted after a guy to ask him to take it. I heard the sweet volunteer say it was on video and I, already annoyed with the wind, was annoyed further. "Josh it's on video, he doesn't know how to work an iPhone," I remember saying. Oops. 

A second later I turned around to Josh bending down--I thought he was tying his shoe--until I saw the ring box that he hid in his sock. As he got down on my knee all I was saying was:

Are you serious? Are you serious? *SOB* Are you serious? *MORE SOBBING* I finally realized what was happening, said yes, and managed to give him the correct hand.

This is now my most favorite Lilly outfit that I own!

We celebrated with a nice dinner and called all of our family and friends almost immediately. My mom had no idea--my dad is super sneaky because he knew almost a week before when Josh took him to lunch and asked for his permission.

Josh picked out the ring all by himself and I could not have picked anything better if I tried. Every detail on the ring has a meaning to him and now to me. I love it so much more knowing how much thought went into choosing it, but not as much as I love Josh.

I'm still swooning over all of the details--writing it out made me relive the moment and all of the feelings I had. I can't wait for the next 6 months to fly by because #wereRyantheKnot y'all!!

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