Because I Said So: Birthday Wish List
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is in 17 days! SEVENTEEN y'all. This is not a drill!  It really snuck up on me this year, but not too much that I didn't have time to make a list!
Here are a few things I'm asking for this year (along with contributions to my savings accounts #grownupprobs):

Gift Guide, Birthday, Girl, 24

1. Ever since I started working out and going to FitCamp regularly, I've been noticing that 1.) I'm getting stronger and leaner and 2.) that I'm running out of workout clothes! I'm obsessed with this Nike Pro Spandex (I already have a pair in neon yellow!)

2. S'well Water Bottle. If you haven't heard about these or didn't see my Instagram post, they are amazing. They are designed to keep cold beverages cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12 hours.

I put ice water in the mini bottle that I have an hour before I drove an hour to work out for an hour (that's a lot of hours for those keeping up) and it still had ice in it (like a lot of ice). The next day, it still had ice in it because I forgot to empty it! So now, obviously, I want a big one! Totally crushing on all of these bright colors--I can't decide between Birds of Paradise or Monaco Blue!

3. This candle from Anthropologie--y'all it smells divine!

4. Konfetti Shorts. This boutique has been on my radar for months! How adorable are these Mai Tai Pom Pom shorts!?

5. Lilly Pulitzer Michelina Mini Skort in Feeling Tanked. I love love love the one I have in Red Right Return!
6. Starbucks. Maybe it's the lack of sleep talking, but I really need some Starbucks. It's basically a morning ritual at this point!
7. Kendra Scott earrings. I do not own one piece of Kendra Scott--shocking I know. Am I even a real blogger? I've been lusting after these gorgeous earrings for some time now and I'm already dreaming of all the outfits I'd pair these beauties with.
8. FitBit Flex. I currently have the Nike Fuel band, but it's on it's last leg. My mom has the Flex and Josh has the Charge. I'm leaning towards the Flex just because you can customize the colors (the Charge only comes in like black, mauve, or blue). Opinions? Personal experiences?
I've made it easy this year for my family, this year the list includes pictures #bloggerprobs! And if you aren't into giving gifts, don't worry I always like gift cards or cold hard cash :)


  1. Those shorts are the best! Zero rubbing lol!

  2. I need those Mai Tai shorts too. I love those nike shorts too and I agree can never have enough starbucks. As far as the fitbit goes, I would suggest get the Charge HR, I had the flex but I lost it twice because it doesn't wear like a watch and the HR has the heart rate monitor in it, I think just over all the charge it more effective than my flex ever was, but hat is just personal experience.

    Def agree with donations to my saving account! I always ask for that for my birthday. :)

  3. I love fitbits! The problem is mine fell off all the time. The strap didn't stay on. I would recommend getting one of the new ones that have the watch back thing.

    I love your wishlist! I'm obsessed with my nike spanxs!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Hmm...decisions, decisions. And I know, the Nike spandex is everything!​

  4. beautiful list. I love how you like colors so much!!!

  5. I love all of your picks, but especially obsessed with the candle! I just love anthro everything, they always have the best candles!

  6. I absolutely love my fitbit flex! I purchased one for me and gave one to my husband for Father's Day! I love the customizable bands. They come in a variety of solids as well as prints. And as girls, let's be real. We love to accessorize anything!

  7. Happy early birthday! I hope you get a Fitbit, you'll love it!

  8. Love this list -- I am wanting a fitbit as well.
    Also, the Shop Konfetti stuff is so cute.
    Happy early birthday to you!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  9. Loving all of the bright and colorful pieces on your list! You're going to have a fab birthday!

  10. I have a fitbit ZIP and I LOVE it. It runs on a watch battery, so you don't charge it--just wear it for a few months and when it dies you just replace the battery (it warns you when it's running low). I wear mine on my bra strap and that leaves my wrists available for bracelets. It's less expensive than the flex, too! My husband has the flex but forgets to charge his constantly. The only downside is the zip doesn't do sleep or stair tracking, but those are not deal breakers to me.

  11. I have a fitbit and I really like it! It took a little getting used to but now I love checking my steps and staying accountable.

  12. That scallop skirt is beautiful! And I love those earrings too!

    How 2 Wear It []

  13. Omg you're so young!!!! Happy early birthday! Fit bit is a must. They're awesome ❤️

  14. I would love a fitbit as well!

  15. You definitely need those KS earrings! They're beautiful. :) How old are you turning!??!

    The Fashionista's Diary

  16. I have those KS earrings and a FitBit Flex! I switched from an Up24 and I really like it. There are pros and cons to both, but the customization of the band is a huge plus for the Flex! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

    xx. Brittany
    Southern Soul

  17. I had a flex and now I have a Charge HR and I really like it a lot better. Yes, you can accessorize the flex better but I like that I can use the Charge as a watch and see the exact number of steps right on the band instead of having to go to my phone and open up the app.

  18. YES for the Starbucks gift cards! You can never go wrong with those.

    Alexis @

  19. I've been eyeing those Swell water bottles for ages now, but haven't bought one yet. I'll have to get one before the freezing South Dakota winter sets in!