Because I Said So: Coffee Talk
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Coffee Talk

P.S. My usual coffee order--Tall (or Grande) Breve White Mocha.

If we were to have coffee together we'd meet at the local Starbucks--as if there's any other coffee place.  I'd order my coffee (that's 90% sugar) and you'd order your "most likely more normal than mine" coffee. We'd sit in the worn leather chairs or maybe the couch and catch up. 

I'd tell you all about what's going on at work and how I had a massive panic attack that affected every part of my life last week. I'd tell you how it feels silly now, but at the time it was debilitating to say the least. You'd assure me that everything will be and IS fine. 

I'd tell you how excited and terrified I am that Josh and I are building our first house and I'd definitely show you the floor plans and ask your opinion on tile vs. hardwood floors and granite vs. marble. Also, I'd probably talk about my dog too much. #sorrynotsorry 

We'd talk about getting married because that seems to be the thing these days and happening every time I glance at Facebook and I'll tell you how I only want fur babies when I grow up. 

I'd apologize for talking so much about myself and ask you about how your life is going. We'd reminisce on college days and complain about how old we are now. 

I'd tell you about my family and ask about yours.

We'd talk about blogging, of course, and how I love to write, but just can't seem to find enough time in the day or enough creative ideas for as many posts as I'd like. You'd reassure me that you love reading my blog and that I should keep doing it. Later, I'd still wonder if I should stop.

After all of the coffee is gone and the conversation dies down, we'll agree to meet again, this time next week.

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