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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Office Essentials

One of my most favorite things about my new job (even though I haven't started yet) is that I get my own (shared) office! I've never had my own space before--shared or not, so this comes as a major bonus. At my previous job, I sat at a table--so the fact that I get my own four walls is HUGE!

It's a blank canvas right now and I can't wait to decorate it! I have about a week and a half until I start, so challenge accepted. 

Below, I've rounded up a few of my favorite essentials (hello everyone needs a super cute pencil holder)--I'm thinking white and gold with pops of blues, but I'll have to double check with my co-worker on that one! 
What are your favorite places to get office supplies/decorations? I know I'll be making a big trip to Office Depot and Target soon! 

P.S. Does anyone else love the smell of office supplies as much as I do?

P.P.S. How perfect is the "@ sign"? My job is in social media after all...I'm obsessed!

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