Because I Said So: No More Doggies Sleeping in the Bed
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

No More Doggies Sleeping in the Bed

Laney is like my child. She is so spoiled and we even coined names for the grandparents for her. My mom constantly tries to get her to say "NANA" and "I LOVE YOU"--she's clearly like a little human to us.
But as much as I love my little human dog, her sleeping in the bed with me has got to stop.

...and without further ado....

Reasons you shouldn't let your dog (no matter how cute) sleep in the bed with you.

 Which I imagine is the same as why you shouldn't let your child sleep with you past age like idk two? 

All of this is from personal experience--don't judge.

1. Hair everywhere. You wake up and there's hair (not your own) in your mouth. It's on the sheets, it's on the pillows, it's freaking everywhere. It's gross and hard to clean. Every time you clean, it magically reappears. Laney has black hair and I have white sheets. Not a great mix. You can imagine my frustration. 

2. They sleep like they own the place. I imagine this is what sleeping like a child is like. Laney has four legs and knows how to use them. She spreads out so she takes up a majority of the bed. Scoot her over in the middle of the night and she gravitates slowly back. It really is a lost cause. Plus when she dreams, she kicks. 

3. Just in case they throw up or bed. Yea it's not pretty. Enough said.

4. You wake up when they wake up. Laney only really wakes up in the middle of the night when she's sick (see #3). But like a worried dog mom I have to get up in a half zombie like state and make sure she's OK. I now know how my mother felt all those years ago and I don't even have a human child yet. Joy. 

5. At the end of the day, they are the dog and you're the human. Boundaries have to be set even if they are your dog child. Laney has her own bed, but I think we may be 3 years too late in training her to sleep in it.

For now, I can only imagine what a good night's sleep is (ok I'm being dramatic). But if we can somehow get her trained to sleep in her own bed (without feeling like horrible parents), I imagine I will finally be able to have a REALLY GREAT night's sleep.

Take it from me and don't let your dog sleep in the bed with you!
Because I said so!

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  1. I 100% agree with all of these reasons! My family dog likes to sleep on the couch with me when I visit home, and I always wake up with dog hair in my eyes, nose, and mouth!

  2. I love that doggies little beard! I let my dog sleep with me, but she recently moved to the ground on her own volition. I was a little sad at first, but now that have full range of my bed I am quite happy

  3. I let my doggie sleep in the beg with my every night even though I know I'm not supposed to..
    Dogs bring dirt and bugs into the bed too from being outside. I should really make her stop but she's just too damn cute.

  4. I wish I never had let my 50-pund dog on the bed, but now that I did once, I cannot get him off of it! He starts out on the floor, but creeps up after we fall asleep and I wake up because I can't move since he's totally hogging the entire bed. Then the other day, he left a nice poop smear on the comforter. Yeah...I NEED to find a way to keep him off. I wish closing the door was an option, but my cats destroy the carpet if any door is ever closed in our house. Sigh.