Because I Said So: For Real this Time
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

For Real this Time

After being completely horrified by the videos I watched on Monday night, I ate horrible on Tuesday knowingly poisoning my body with aspertame (Sugar Free Red Bull) and a slew of other things (Zapp's CrawTater Chips, Sprees, and a Milky Way) I mean, it figures.
Say hello to my breakfast/lunch. Yea. It was as I was stuffing my face with this literal garbage, that I realized that I was hungry for a change. I want to be that skinny, confident, and most importantly healthy girl on the beach this year. I want to live for a long time. I want to have the stamina to keep up with the boyfriend and puppy-child. I can't achieve that by eating Milky Ways for breakfast every morning. No duh.

So after work, it was off to Whole Foods. The healthy food Heaven. I could hear the angels singing as I pulled into the parking lot. Ok rewind. I stopped by my apartment to throw (pretty much) everything I had in my fridge/pantry shelf away. I was amazed that so many products had SO MANY ingredients that I couldn't pronounce. Hyrdo-asjnbmeuqoety76 (almost literally that's what it said) If I can't read it, pronounce it, or spell it--why should I want to put it in my body? (besides the fact that it tastes good--we are ignoring that here people) And besides is the fact that it tastes good worth poisoning myself? Uh no.

Ok back to the angels singing. Ah Whole Foods. It's like calming for me to be there. One of my happy places--plus they always have the best fresh flowers selection. It can be overwhelming so I came prepared with a list complete with notes and my friend Kathryn on speed dial. Uh Geaux Tigers?

I did pretty well. I stuck to mostly the outside perimeter of the store filling my cart with fruits (ok just strawberries and bananas) and the vegetables I do like. I stopped by the butcher to get fresh organic chicken (which they wrap in cool paper so that's always a plus) and the fish (butcher?) to get tilapia. 

Here's a complete list of what I got: (in case you were wondering--also shown in the picture at the top):
-Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
-All Natural Honey
-Organic Pizza Sauce
-Van's All Natural Waffles
-"Healthy" Butter (it's like butter for vegans--the jury is still out on this one)
-Plain Oatmeal 
-Organic Milk
-Organic Eggs
-Hormone Free Chicken Breast 
-Tilapia Filets
-Oven Roasted Turkey (for sandwiches without the bread?)
-Fig and Goat Cheese (it was 2 for $5 so why not?)
-Organic String Cheese
-A Rotisserie Chicken (for dinner last night and lunch today)
-Rosemary Sourdough Loaf (for a treat)
-Precut Squash and Zucchini (if I bought them whole they'd rot in the fridge)
-Organic All Natural Maple Syrup

Overall, I'd say it was a pretty good haul. Not everything is uber healthy, but when I'm craving something sweet instead of going for a chocolate milkshake, I'll reach for the fig and goat cheese spread. The bread will be for special occasions like when drinking wine or once a week, etc. etc.

A big shoutout to my "virtual" personal trainer/motivator Kathryn. She's been texting me and encouraging me to not give up, stay active, and send her pictures of what I'm eating. I probably wouldn't be this serious about it THIS TIME had it not been for her. Plus everyone needs SOMEONE to keep them on the right track. 

Hopefully by implementing these whole, healthy foods, I'll be able to crowd out the bad foods that think I love and need oh so much (breaking the addiction). Add in exercising and I'll be on my way to my goal in no time. That's what I'm going for anyway. Again, if you haven't watched Healthy for Change. Do it. Go now. 

This will be the last March that I am this unhealthy, because I said so. 
 photo becauseisaidsosig_zps7aaadf76.png


  1. Hey, good job I'm proud of you! This is the time of year I tend to lighten up our diets and then I ease up again when the Holidays start showing up but I'm going to try to stick with it this time. Oatmeal with vanilla yogurt and blueberries or bananas is a good breakfast to start the day off right. Did you get earth balance butter? That is really good you can even bake with it! Stir frys are a good dinner option. I wish I had a whole foods close by!

  2. I wish I had a Whole Foods!!! Great haul! I started only eating things with ingredients I can pronounce, so far so good! Keep it up!

  3. OMG this sounds great ! I'm so excited to follow along, you're gonna rock it!