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Friday, March 21, 2014

Everyday Life

I've been a little absent lately because I just can't seem to find anything exciting to write about.
You know, like "Ten reasons to do this" or "The time I..." or "Look at my awesome outfit."

Seriously, it's just been a normal, ordinary, somewhat boring week. Cue the music--workin' 9-5 what a way to make a livin'. Barely gettin' by....(seriously, especially if my Lilly obsession doesn't simmer down) Dolly Parton knows me so well.

I've been getting back on the healthy train--WOO WOO! Operation "skinny minny/Josh wants to buy a boat/it's almost summer" has commenced once again and THIS time I mean it. For real. It's honestly been taking up most of my time/thought capacity. Planning meals and actually cooking is hard work compared to ordering take out every night (not that I used to do that).

See I ate a salad this week, so you know I'm serious--

I even crossed off "run a mile without stopping" from my future goals list. So I guess this week hasn't been a complete wash.

Between eating healthy, going to the gym (most everyday), training the puppy-child to sleep in her own bed, and trying to keep the house clean (housewives everywhere I applaud you) the week has flown by. And I'm exhausted. Can I eat fattening food yet?

Update on the puppy-child training: She is doing great. Other than the occasional whining to try to get on my bed, she's been sleeping in her own bed! Y'all this is a HUGE deal. At three years old, I thought it would be way harder to train her. But so far I have no more doggies sleeping in the bed!

Last night, I did get to do something out of the normal routine I've developed. I got to go observe/take pictures of an event at my company's newest venue. 

It was B-E-A utiful! 

Fancy fancy.

I think I'm obsessed with place settings. It just looks so elegant...and one day I will invited to one of these fancy events not working it!

Because I said so of course.

 photo becauseisaidsosig_zps7aaadf76.png


  1. I'm working on my fitness, too! We got this, girl!

  2. That event is so gorgeous!! And good for you for sticking to your health plan--I'd feel the same way if the hubs wanted a boat haha!! Ordinary life is sometimes just the best thing! As a housewife, I giggled at your "housewives I applaud you." J seriously asked me the other day why I'm always so busy (I mean like SO busy) and I just looked at him like, really? Did you put on clean underwear and socks this morning? You're welcome. haahah

  3. Eating at home means more money to spend on Lilly! And those pictures look straight off Pinterest! Have you ever written a post about what you do at work? I'd be really interested in hearing about it

    From Mississippi With Love

  4. Yay meal planning! It is hard to get in the groove of not ordering take out or delivery, but I've saved so much money by cutting back there. Also, please tell me how you got your dog off the bed! I cannot keep mine off!