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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Home Goods Happy

This past Sunday was the


of Home Goods on the Northshore.


Hip Hip Hooray! My mom and I have been waiting forever for one to finally open in our area. And with me having a new apartment, what better way to spend all of my hard earned money (and my mom's and my dad's), right?

The opening was scheduled for 8 am, Sunday morning. So naturally we got there early--as did the rest of Mandeville and Covington.



(me super tired/excited at the grand opening)

The line was wrapped around the building before the doors were finally opened. Once we got in, it was HEAVEN. So many unique things to decorate with! And don't even get me started on their Christmas section! Regretfully I didn't pick up any Christmas decor, but I know I'll be back at least once before now and the official start of the Christmas season (which is after Thanksgiving btw) My mom and I literally made 4 laps around the store just to make sure we didn't forget anything!



Having never been in a Home Goods before, I found that most everything was affordable, unique, and just AH-MAZING!

After spending two hours shopping, we spent another 45 minutes in the check out line--which rivaled the length of the line to get in the actual store. It was wrapped/snaked all around and throughout the store. Seems like everyone wanted to check out at the same time...

Thinking like a marketer, it was actually a good idea for them to snake the line because I know for a fact that people were more inclined to impulse buy. That black and white rug in the buggy, yep. Impulse buy. The ladies in front of us in line practically got a whole new buggy just for their impulse buys. Well done Home Goods. Well done.

After spending close to $300.00 between the two of us, we finally wrapped up our first visit to Home Goods. When talking to one of the manager's and finding out their sales goal for the grand opening was $160,000; I feel sure they met it--especially with our hefty contribution.

As we were leaving, more and more people were streaming in! Good thing they had plenty in the store room! I  know that this is a store that I will visit every time I go home, just to see what new things they have in stock.

Thanks to Home Goods, my apartment is finally starting to feel more like a HOME!

If you are ever in the area, Home Goods is a must--because I said so :)

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