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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hey What's Up Hello

Welcome Mat

We did it! We bought a house. 

I guess you may have already known that if you're a.) family/friends or b.) follow me on any form of social media, but the NEW news is...we MOVED IN! I felt like towards the end of our house being built, we were holding our breath--praying that all of the financials of the loan worked out. And IT DID!

The future Ryans are homeowners! What a relief. 

We closed on the rainiest Monday we've had in awhile and up until mid-week, we hadn't had a chance to actually move much in. We were gambling with the weather and watching the radar for clear spots to haul couches and beds from one city to another. 

We still don't have all of the furniture in or anything on the walls nor are we completely moved out of our parent's houses--thank goodness for long weekends and patient fiancés (him not me lol)--but it's slowly coming along.

Our first week in numbers:

6 nights stayed
20 bottles of water consumed
73 the average degree the AC stays on
5 bags of trash
8 trips to Lowes
2 Hours at Walmart for ALL of the groceries
0 dinner cooked (sorry not sorry)
6:30AM the time Josh wakes me up every morning when he goes to work

We are loving all being under one roof and making our new house into a home. In one week we've learned all about compromise and are adjusting to sharing. 

Now, on to wedding planning!

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