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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


One main reason I've put off blogging night after night, day after day--I can't figure out what to write about. I come up with a thousand topics that I can write short "tidbits" about, but none are post worthy in themselves, nor do I have the time to take pictures, etc., etc. For lack of better post topics, here are my tidbits.

All Natural Dog Food: 

After chatting with a holistic veterinarian, a potential client for work, I learned the sad truth about "dry dog food." Obviously I've seen the commercials stating that some brands are better than others--but I'm here to tell you--ALL dry dog food sucks. And it does just that; it sucks the moisture out of your dog's gut leaving them in a constant state of dehydration. 

Since then, Laney's been on a more natural food diet. Most of what humans eat, dogs can eat. MOST. I feed Laney canned dog food (to reintroduce the moisture) and vegetables. She loves green beans! 

I've been pinning a few things, so follow me on Pinterest if you're thinking about taking the plunge! And don't forget to do your own research and talk to your vet!

Essential Oils

Well. I'm back on my essential oils kick and I can't figure out why I stopped using them! A few weeks ago, when I got my braces tightened, my teeth hurt so bad (what's new?) Two power chains on each side of my teeth and a new figure eight--it's a wonder I didn't scratch all my teeth out. I applied Thieves with a Q-tip to my throbbing gums and within 5 minutes, I couldn't feel a thing! 

I'm also obsessed with Lavender (to help me sleep) and Peppermint (to keep me awake) and looking to try out more!

House Progress.

So much progress has been made on our house! They just put the shingles up yesterday which brings us to: AC system, electric, water, tubs, can lights, surround sound, windows, and exterior doors. Building a house is not for the faint of heart and is certainly hard to do when you're super impatient (like me). Also, I'm beginning to think we picked the WORST time to build a house in South Louisiana--so.much.rain. The countdown: 70 days until we have keys in our hands! (Follow me on Instagram for updates!)

Spray Tans + Wedding Festivities

I'm the MOH in my friend's wedding this weekend! The rehearsal dinner is today and the only thing I've figured out is what I'm going to wear--sound familiar? I'm sure I'll give a rockin' speech or at least look good bumbling around. I'm wearing the NEW Lilly Pulitzer two-piece and a spray tan.

I'll be honest, I've had some bad spray tan experiences in the past. When I went yesterday, I was so scared I was going to be orange which would clash with my emerald green dress and make me look like an Oompa Loompa. *breathe* GOOD NEWS: I look great! No orange in sight!

So, those are my tidbits for now. One of these days I'll be able to put together a cohesive post all about one subject, I promise! For now, thanks for following along while I find my new "balance" whatever that may be!

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