Because I Said So: There's Nothing Better, Baby Do you Like My Sweater?
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

There's Nothing Better, Baby Do you Like My Sweater?

Dress:Obsession Boutique || Booties:Obsession Boutique || Rings: (Bow) Mignon Faget, (Cable) David Yurman, (Cameo) My Mom's 

I've never had a "sweater" dress before. If I'm being honest, it's because most of the ones I've seen are skin tight and that's just not my thing in the fall/winter. When it gets chilly, I'm looking for comfy, cozy pieces (that don't show how many Resee's Pumpkins I've eaten, amiright?) and this dress hits the nail right on the head. Think of your favorite oversized sweater--now think of it in dress form. Yep. It's that great.

AND it happened to be the first dress I picked up when I went into Obsession a few weeks ago. Well, the dress and these booties (OMG!) We've already discussed how I have a "bootie(s)" obsession, but I've never thought about having any other color than your standard neutrals. In fact, my collection prior to these included: brown, tan, and camel.

Here's to doing things differently this season!

P.S. Like I mentioned in this post, this boutique is one of the only ones in the area to carry size 5.5, so if you have small feet, get there early in the season(s) to get the best selection of shoes!

P.P.S. I have a confession. I was initially going to wear my beautiful, new blanket scarf with this sweater dress, but it was literally 90 degrees and I couldn't even think about putting it on my neck without dying of a heat stroke (fashion blogger fail).

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