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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ten Favorite Things: I Heart Blogging

This is one of my favorite link ups mainly because it makes you think and Brianna always comes up with the best topics :) (And sorry I'm a day late)

Why do I like to blog? WHY do I like to blog? Why DO I like to blog? Why do I LIKE to blog?
Ok now that I've said it in almost every possible way, here's what I like about blogging.

1. The community. Cliche, but true. People are so willing to support you and cheer you on to whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. It's fab.

2. The fact that it's my blog and I can say/write about whatever I want. (Hello: my blog name is Because I Said So) No filter here we come.

3. Reading about other people's journeys  Whether is being a mom, a college student, an avid cook, or a passionate DIYer--it's a whole different perspective and I can appreciate that and LOVE to read about them.

4. Writing. I like to write. And when I'm writing about myself, my life, and the things happening in it, that's when I'm the most at ease.

5.While blogging isn't just about the readers, I love getting comments on what I write. Like what?  People, besides my mom, read my blog. This is huge! Show the love people--comment away!

6. And on that note, I also love tracking the stats. I never liked stats in high school OR college. But now that it applies to something that I like and have complete control over--it's kind of my new favorite thing.

7. It's like a journal. I can look back and read what I was thinking/going through a year ago today. It's actually way cooler than any journal I've ever kept because you can add pictures and charts and make it pretty.

8. Sponsoring. I don't have sponsorships available on my blog yet (hopefully one day), but I genuinely like sponsoring other blogs. And since sponsoring will eventually be an option to me, the opportunities are basically endless.

9. Learning new things. Whether it's coding, or a DIY tip, or recipe from a fellow blogger. There's so much to learn from so many more way more experienced people than myself. Always be learning is not hard when you have a blog.

10. Making friends and new connections. Another cliche, but probably my favorite. There are some really great people out there and I've been able to connect with a handful of them. Next on the list: "blate"--where I get to meet these people in person (and no dad, they aren't axe murderers).

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  1. I agree with everything on this list! Blogging is wonderful isn't it? Also stopping by to tell you that I nominated you the the Liebster Award. I really enjoy your blog! Details can be found on my blog at

  2. I love blogging for all of these reasons - especially learning new things and making new friends!

  3. Great list! Blogging is so much fun for so many reasons!

  4. This blog community is great, and so supportive! I think I actually have more blog friends than real life friends at this point, haha!

  5. Love this list...So true!! I love the connections I've made and continue to make!

  6. Perfect list! I'm new to the community and I'm loving it so far. Lol