Because I Said So: Pick a Little, Talk a Little
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pick a Little, Talk a Little

...cheep cheep cheep talk a lot, pick a little more...

I have on my future goals/things to do to go picking with dad. Well I can cross that off, thanks to this past Saturday.

A lot of people don't know what "picking" actually is. Have you ever watched the show Picker Sisters or American Pickers? Ok, well basically the people on these shows drive around and go through people's old junk, find valuable pieces amidst the junk, buy it from the random person, and turn around and sell it. Cool right? Well, it's not for everyone, but it's like taking antiquing a step further. And it's something I LOVE. Although, I've never actually gone up to some random person's house and asked to go through their stuff because I a. don't have the money to offer and b. don't have a camera crew following me around.

Anyways... My whole family went to my great grandma's old abandoned and falling down house last Saturday and basically "picked" it. A bit of background: My Lulu died when I was 8 or 9 and the house has been there ever since--virtually untouched. Except of course by a tornado or two, the new-to- science strains of mold, and critters galore. Most of the valuable things in her house were packed up when she passed, but there were quite a few things left.

I know it looks like a complete and total wreck (which it was), but it was like stepping into a very dirty time capsule. There were clothes still in the closets, magazines and catalogs dating back to the 60s, old mail and children's drawings (my mom's and aunt's).

I wish I had a picture of all of my findings! I found a few metal milk crates, a nice wooden box (I have thing for boxes), a skeleton key, a JCP catalog from 1968 which I can't wait to show Josh, and lots more. We took off most of the doors--sounds crazy, but y'all these were NICE, STURDY, GOOD QUALITY that you can't find these days doors. Great for future DIY projects. My aunt and uncle loaded about 8-10 of them. In addition to that, my dad found a chemistry set--the manual was copyrighted in 1948, Stephanie found an old adorable light switch cover, and Carol is keeping all of the old doorknobs. We took down cabinets with crowbars and my dad fell through the rotting floor. Never a dull moment.

My dad brought his metal detector--yep we are THAT cool of a family, although I'm not sure Steph really knows how to use it. P.S. her earrings didn't set it off.

And we found some rusty old metal. Nothing valuable.

We all learned how to shoot a gun--it only took me three times to hit the target, hiked up and down the hills, and named a creek "Three Sisters Creek." It was a great and exhausting day and we all made it without any ticks, chigger, mosquito, or snake bites. Except Carol. Poor Carol.

Regardless, I can't wait for the next opportunity to go on a picking trip!


  1. Sooo jealous!!! I've always wanted to go picking!! I used to watch American Pickers all the time! LOL. I just don't know where to go. Hmmm...Anyways, I loove that photo of the house! So pretty!!

  2. I usually hate anything that involves getting dirty, but this sounds like it was a really fun experience! It's crazy that clothes was just sitting in closets, they look brand new

  3. This looks super fun! I'm usually not an outside girl but I wouId def try doing this. Glad you enjoyed yourself with NO bug bites!

  4. Are all those clothes ones you found in that house?! They're gorg!

  5. This sounds so fun especially to be able to do something like this with your family.

  6. That sounds so cool and a really fun day out! And it seems like you managed to find some real treasures, awesome!