Because I Said So: The Job Search.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Job Search.

This is not another one of those blog posts (much like Twitter or Facebook posts where people just whine about how they don't have a job and don't really want one). 

I am actually really excited about what the upcoming week has in store. I just came across Charlie Hoehn's blog and read a post: "Recession Proof Graduate." has substantially increased my hope and positivity when it comes to the whole "job thing." 

Basically, my dad told me the same thing, but I tend to not listen to him the first (or second) time (there I admitted it...sorry dad if you read this). But anyways, I need to do "free work." Kind of like volunteering and and internships. Not paid but it gets you experience in the field you want to work in doing stuff you actually want to do. This is perfect for me. Really. 

Now the only thing for me to do is hit the ground running and pursue my passions (animals, cupcakes, and all things girly). Because really the main goal is to save money and get my own place. Love y'all family, but seriously it's time. 

So now it's time for another list. Pro/Con this time.

Pros/Cons of Living at Home


  • Saving Money-I literally don't have to pay for anything. My parents pay for my car insurance, gas, and food. And there is no rent for me to pay. (they read this so hopefully they don't get any grand ideas here) I only pay for shopping trips and fast food trips!
  • Getting Closer with the Fam-I get to see my littlest sister grow up and support her with the TONS of activities she's involved in, spending quality time with my dad before he falls asleep at 6:30pm (literally), and sharing my other sisters clothes (again saving money), etc..
  • Laney is in Doggie Heaven- Laney gets to sleep late and have another dog friend to play with and gets to run and Run and RUN! 


  • Itty, Bitty Living Space- I've mentioned this before, but living in my little sister's old nursery (a.k.a. the tiniest room in the house) is bad. I finally got most of my stuff in there and set up, but I need some more and I'm used to a little more elbow room.
  • Re-learning the way my family does everything- Like "Didn't you see the sign on the dishwasher said "dirty"? Obviously the dishes go straight to the dishwasher." Oh ok. My bad. Forgot that (probably on purpose). Bedtime around here is super early (seems like at least from my college days) 

The pros outweigh the cons, but I'm still motivated to get a job, get out of the house, and see what the world has in store for me. 



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