Because I Said So: Treasure Hunting
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Treasure Hunting

 Before, I've written about consignment and how I turn in cans for money. Well here's to taking it one step further. Grab your metal detector and a few helpers and get down to business. (pictured below--Helper #1 and Helper #2)image-2 photo-2

Today started out just like any other weekend day. Really nothing going on.  I finished one of my weekend projects: Cleaning out my car earlier this morning. (yay me and so proud!) While sitting around watching TV with my youngest sister, I had the sudden urge to search for scrap metal in our side yard (my dad had recently had some luck in finding copper wire--which values more than cans). Why? No idea. Maybe it was the prospect of making big bucks and feeling like I had found buried treasure...Anyone feeling like a pirate yet?

So off we (Carol, me, and our two doggie helpers) go, into the garage to find the said metal detector and a shovel (after finding we'd need something a bit more sturdy than a stick).  After walking through the yard finding nothing more than a few turtle friends, we just about gave up.

Turtles And then we heard it...The BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. We had found something! Oh the excitement! Was it a diamond ring or some ancient coins?! Whatever it was we had to get digging!

After struggling with the shovel (why is mud so hard?) and sifting through the mud that smelled like horse poop (I would know, read about my farm experience here) we finally found what had set the detector off! Oh HAPPY DAY!image-1

Yep, that's it. That teeny tiny piece of metal! I'll put that in my box of scrap metal (and yes I have a box full) and hopefully make some good money off of it eventually!

Who knew walking around with a metal detector and digging in the dirt could be so rewarding and kind of fun?

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