Because I Said So: November 2015
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Monday, November 30, 2015

Seven Lessons from Seven Years of Dating

Today I've been dating my boyfriend, Josh for SEVEN years! Seven years, y'all. That's half of my youngest sister's life! Do people even date for that long anymore?

It seems like just yesterday (ok maybe not yesterday, but really when did we get so old) we were going on our first date and awkwardly texting each other after. I still remember almost all of the details from when he "officially" asked me to be his girlfriend. 

In the seven years, I've learned a lot about myself and nurturing a relationship.

1. Stay true to yourself first and foremost. 

Be yourself. If you are trying to fake it (whatever it is: a hobby, a persona, etc), it'll never work. I think we have the most fun when we are the most real with each other. I know Josh loves my singing off key on road trips and he knows I love when he rattles off random sports knowledge. Ok maybe not, but we love the little quirks about each other. P.S. After seven years, I can almost keep up with his sports knowledge!

2. Be friends. 

Josh and I were friends for about four years before we started dating. He came to my school with a girlfriend, but when I first saw him I remember thinking he was SO CUTE (omg--I was a stalker). He would roll my house, put a duck in my car, and I would embarrass him at JCP buying outrageous things. Continuously falling in love with your best friend is truly the best feeling. Everyday Josh surprises me and makes me love him even more.

3. Don't listen to the "peanut gallery".

Friends and family mean well, but sometimes, all of their noise can drown out what's really important--the two of you. You can't spend you entire relationship listening to other people's opinions--believe me, someone will ALWAYS have an opinion on what you could do, should do differently. And you really can't live like that. Take all opinions with a grain of salt and let it go in one ear and out of the other. 

4. Support each other. 

This is huge. You can't be in a relationship and expect it to last if you don't have your S.O's best interests in mind. Believe in each others dreams and help them reach it--to me, that's a huge way to show love.

5. Being different is ok. 

In fact, it's for the best. If Josh were just like me--anxious, uptight, sometimes controlling--then we likely would have killed each other already. He's patient and easy going which balances my high strung personality out perfectly. I could NOT date someone EXACTLY like me--and really, I wouldn't want to.

6. Communicate.

Duh. Boys aren't mind readers and sometimes even when you spell it out for them, they still don't get it. So if something really bugs you, your feelings get hurt, or even if you'd rather watch a different movie than him, TELL HIM! I can't stand when girls "play games." It never results in anything good--unless you're playing like Monopoly or something.

7. Don't compare.

Following #6, the comparison game is so hard not to play. But, don't let yourself get bogged down in the going ons of other couples. Take it from someone who knows EXACTLY how difficult it is. We've been dating seven years, so it's hard when people who have been dating for way less time get engaged. But that's them, and we are us. Who knows what's happening in their relationship, and really who cares. The grass is greener where you water it.

It hasn't always been easy, but it's always been worth it and I wouldn't trade what we have for the world.

P.S. These are the only "professional" pictures we have of ourselves--from my senior (in high school) portraits! We are in desperate need of cute couple pictures!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Comfort (Colors) + Joy

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  I received the sweatshirt to review as part of Marley Lilly's blogger review program + will be further compensated for my time and effort.  Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions and pictures are my own!

Ever since my sorority days, Comfort Colors T-shirts/sweatshirts have been wardrobe staples. If you're giving away t-shirts and they AREN'T Comfort Colors, are they even t-shirts? Answer: NO. 

Comfort Colors don't lose their color or shrink--which is why they are so great. So naturally, when I found out my Marley Lilly monogrammed sweatshirt was Comfort Colors, I was overjoyed--literally so excited!

My favorite part about this sweatshirt is that the monogram is at the bottom! It's so different from the "usual monogrammed" pieces I own. Also, Marley Lilly knows how to pick the most comfortable sweatshirts--I want to wear this to work, to the bar, while being a couch potato--you name it.

Despite the fact that we are most likely going to have a warm Christmas this year in Louisiana, I'm stubborn and will wear winter clothes even if it makes me die of heat stroke. Anyone else? 

I bought this blanket scarf a few months back and never had anything to wear it with. But, now that I know how to fix it and have something to wear it with, I'll be wearing it A LOT more. 

Marley Lilly Sweatshirt || Blanket Scarf (similar here) || White Jeans (similar here) || Booties (similar here)

P.S. Since it's the Holiday Season and I've got gift giving on the mind, if you spend more than $50 at you get FREE shipping and if you spend $100 you get a FREE blanket scarf--through Monday ONLY!

P.P.S I'd size down when ordering this sweatshirt. I ordered a Medium--I usually like to wear my sweatshirts bigger, but since this one doesn't have a band at the bottom, it can be really long if you're short like me (I'm 4'11")! 

Friday, November 27, 2015

In vs. Out Linkup (November)

I don't know about you, but I had a great Thanksgiving full of family, food, and laughter! I get two extra days to sleep late and will be shopping sales from the comfort of my bed all weekend #winning I keep thinking it's Sunday because Holidays in the middle of the week throw me off--anyone else?

Don't forget to link up your own In vs. Out posts below--the link up stays open ALL weekend! 


Black Friday sales that are ONLINE
(ain't nobody got time to stand in lines)

This video
(we may or may not have re-enacted it at dinner last night!)

Oh and this one too!

Christmas music
(finally I can play it and not feel guilty for passing over Turkey Day!)

Christmas movies
(all of the Hallmark movies--and don't get me started on ABC Family's classics!)

Family time


I'm sitting here trying to come up with "outs" but I can't help but feel totally and utterly blessed! Sorry not sorry, there are no "outs" this week! 


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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gift Guide: Gifts Under $45

My very first gift guide y'all. Who's excited (other than me..)?! I know it's still KIND OF early for gift guides, but I wanted to get this out ahead of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

Most of these things are things I actually want this year for Christmas (so I wouldn't be sad if these little pretties ended up under the tree, in my mailbox, or in my stocking). AND the best part is that everything is under $45--which makes these gifts perfect for your girl friends, Secret Santa, and stocking stuffers!

P.S. This gift guide was put together due to my newly acquired skills from work! Yay!

Happy Tuesday and Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 20, 2015

In vs. Out

Apologies for the lack of posting this week--it was my first week on the new job and boy have I been busy! I've learned so much and I'm literally exhausted when I come home every day (waking up early has NOT been easy). Things to do: find a new posting schedule!



Learning new things/doing a good job

New shoes

Chilly weather

Being employed



Forgetting to pack a lunch

Food that makes you sick

Not being able to sleep in anymore (or take naps)


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P.S. Set a reminder to schedule your IN vs. OUT blog posts for the link up ahead of time because it's NEXT WEEK on Black Friday (November 27th)!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Resources for the Working Girl

I started my dream job on Monday (eek!) and while the 6AM wake up call was IS brutal, I really, really enjoyed my first day and think it's going to be a great fit! I've already learned so much!

Today's post is a little bit different, in that I'm doing a HUGE round up of some of my favorite job-related articles. I've been saving/pinning most of these from my favorite bloggers while enjoying time off--and now I can finally put them to use. So, ENJOY!

Great Reads:

Anything and everything from the Levo League and The Everygirl (seriously!)

The "Career" tab on Elana Lyn

Your First Day:

Ace Your First Day from Alanna and Company

Your First Week from Career Girl Daily

New Job Survival Kit from To and Fro

First Job Survival Kit from Seersucker Sass

Work Day Essentials from A Peachy Sonder


Make the Most of Every Hour from Data Nerds

Be Productive, Not Just Busy from Hayli De Jong

For the Commute:

Podcasts from Breakfast at Lillys

Making Your Commute Awesome from Coming Up Roses

Songs to Get you Ready for Work from POPSUGAR

Decorating the Office:


For the Rainy Day from A Peachy Sonder

Dressed to Impress from Seersucker Sass

Do you have any job related must reads?

Friday, November 13, 2015

In vs. Out

Yay for this being my last Friday unemployed! I start my new job on Monday and I'm currently trying to make it through the day with no naps. Monday is going to hit me like a ton of bricks, I just know it. 


Mannheim Steamroller 
(which is ONLY THE BEST CHRISTMAS MUSIC EVER in case you aren't aware)
**Side note: I usually make it a point to NOT listen to Christmas music until AFTER Thanksgiving, but this year tomorrow we are going to a Mannheim concert--so all bets are off. 



Art Festivals


No more naps

Cleaning my room

Mail that comes late



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P.S. Set a reminder to schedule your IN vs. OUT blog posts for the link up ahead of time because it's on Black Friday (November 27th) this month!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

We'll Never Go Out of Style

The weather is cooler, the Holidays are nearer, and I'm in love with this time of year--and this poncho! 

This outfit is actually from last year (I've linked some pretty similar items below), but my favorite thing about winter clothes is that they never really go out of style like some summer clothes do. You can buy for winter 2015 and it'll last you years to come. #winning 

Plus, you'll always need a sweater, turtleneck, and a great pair of boots.

I know I harp on the weather here A LOT--but it just hit highs in the mid to upper 60s (somewhat consistently) and it's officially sweater weather! And what better way to celebrate sweater weather than with a poncho? I can tell there will be plenty more in my future--they are some kind of comfortable!

Don't let me fool you with the above picture! It was SO HOT the day I shot this outfit (and this was outfit #4). Word to the wise, this outfit isn't appropriate for early September. Wait to break it out until late October--unless you live somewhere really really cold.

Poncho: (old) Similar here, here, and here || Turtleneck: (old) Similar here and here || Riding Boots: (JCP old) Similar here and here || Kendra Scott Earrings || Jeans: (old) Similar here 

P.S. I forgot to bring my leggings to the shoot, but I usually wear this outfit with leggings (which you can buy literally from any retailer near you). Regardless of if you're in the leggings are/aren't pants group, you can REALLY can wear it with either black skinnies (pictured) or my personal favorite, leggings.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What I'm Reading November

After writing out my goals for November (I almost just typed September!) I've had a lot of questions as to what I'm reading--because it's a lot.

Strange Brew by Mary Kay Andrews (writing as Kathy Hogan Trocheck)
Creature Comforts by Trisha Ashley
Three Sisters by Susan Mallery
Meet me in Venice by Elizabeth Adler
Bookends by Jane Green
Spitting Feathers by Kelly Harte
Babyville by Jane Green
It Happened One Wedding by Julie James
Beach Colors by Shelley Noble
Angels by Marian Keyes
Happy Never After by Mary Kay Andrews (writing as Kathy Hogan Trocheck)

Mary Kay Andrews is my favorite author and I didn't know she had another series under a different name--the excitement y'all. I've already finished Happy Never After (which was so good--but I didn't know it was the 4th book in the series #oops) and have started on Spitting Feathers. 

What are you reading? 

P.S. The way I pick out books to read is as follows: whatever looks happy and colorful. And whatever Mary Kay Andrews books I haven't read yet. That's it! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

November Goals

We are already a week into November and I'm just now making goals. Oops. Better late than never right? Recapping last month's goals, I actually accomplished two of them (I found a job and made a schedule!) and I'd give myself partial credit on the other three. Moving on to this month, I'm keeping the list short and sweet in hopes that I can accomplish all of them!

1. Join a gym/begin a workout routine. I've already done some research on gyms close to work (eek!), but I always run into the same problem--I don't know what to do at the gym other than walk on the treadmill. #boring

2. Reach my goal of 10,000 steps everyday. It's REALLY hard for me to do this more than one day in a row. So this month, I'd really like to reach this for a week straight--maybe two! If you have a FitBit add me (! We can keep each other accountable!

3. Read more books. My mom and I have the same taste in books (chic-lit) and because of this, I have a stack of about 8 books that she's read that are next on my list. Oh, and we went recently to the used bookstore and picked up 7 more books for only $7.00 #winning So, you could say I have a lot of reading in my future.

4. Download/Listen to more podcasts. I caught up on all of the Disney Store Origins episodes (which I'm obsessed with) and since I'll have a 45 min. commute to work soon, I'm looking for more. Maybe I can learn French or something. Give me all of your suggestions!

Did you make goals this month? 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

In vs. Out

Happy FriYAY everyone! This weekend calls for more rain (boo!), but it's the weekend nonetheless. The LSU vs. Alabama game is Saturday, and while I don't really care who wins, I'll be watching the game with my football obsessed boyfriend I'm sure. Quality time, right?


Supportive friends and double dates

Weight Watchers (see below)

 A Capella concerts

Farmer's Markets

Soup (any kind, every kind)



Sitting at home all day--I'm ready to work!

Gaining weight (from sitting at home all day)



And, in case you missed it, here's what was popular on Because I Said So this week:

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Office Essentials

Easy Layers for Fall

Easy Layers for Fall

This is one of my favorite outfits lately because it so professional. If you recall, I haven't had anywhere "professional" to go for a month, so to say it's refreshing to break it out is an understatement! 

Also, I feel like I cracked the code to layering. Usually when I try to layer a sweater and a button down like EVERY post I see on Pinterest, I end up a cranky, bunchy mess. Problem solved with this duo. The shirt is SLEEVELESS, but still has a collar. It's perfect for layering in the SOUTH because it's not too hot and there's no bunching and I still have full range of motion!

Sweater: LOFT (petite in Winter White) ON SALE || Shirt: Land's End (petite) ON SALE || Necklace: Similar here || Pants: Similar here and here || Shoes: Old (similar here and here) || Earrings: Kendra Scott

Another reason this outfit is a fast favorite: the pieces worn as separates are just as cute as they are layered. The sweater from LOFT is literally the best. It's so comfy and it's a hi-lo sweater so I can wear it with leggings with no judgement! And the sleeveless tunic is going to be perfect for summer days. I will definitely be ordering more pieces from Land's End!

Fun fact: I wore this outfit to accept my job offer, but switched out the flats for nude heels!

P.S. Do y'all have any tips for layering BESIDES cheating the system? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Office Essentials

One of my most favorite things about my new job (even though I haven't started yet) is that I get my own (shared) office! I've never had my own space before--shared or not, so this comes as a major bonus. At my previous job, I sat at a table--so the fact that I get my own four walls is HUGE!

It's a blank canvas right now and I can't wait to decorate it! I have about a week and a half until I start, so challenge accepted. 

Below, I've rounded up a few of my favorite essentials (hello everyone needs a super cute pencil holder)--I'm thinking white and gold with pops of blues, but I'll have to double check with my co-worker on that one! 
What are your favorite places to get office supplies/decorations? I know I'll be making a big trip to Office Depot and Target soon! 

P.S. Does anyone else love the smell of office supplies as much as I do?

P.P.S. How perfect is the "@ sign"? My job is in social media after all...I'm obsessed!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Re-hired and It Feels So Good

After the seemingly longest month (which I just realized was literally a month September 30th-October 30th) of my entire life, I found my dream job and accepted an offer!  I considered being a feral cat expert and many other random jobs in a month's time before this job fell into my lap.

The best part? I didn't even mean to interview for this position. I walked in to interview for a different position (as this one wasn't available yet) and walked out having interviewed for the social media position with a second interview the next week!

Have I mentioned how ecstatic I am? 

The job search process was long and isolating and someitmes it felt like no one knew what I was going through and all the hard work I was doing (with minimal results). I'm dramatic, I know. But, if you're going through something similar, hang in there. It gets better.

I reached the light at the end of the tunnel and will be looking forward to re-joining the working world mid-November! You're looking at a "Social Media Marketer" everyone.

The future is becoming clearer and everything is falling into place. Here's to a great November and finishing out 2015 strong! And thank you to everyone for the kind words and encouragement throughout the past month--it really meant and continues to mean a lot!